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San Jose, CA

Company overview

botimize’s analytics is all about conversational, contextual, natural language processing. We are solving a very challenging problem in an extremely nascent field. And the idea of making breakthroughs in this field and impact the whole bot scene by building something original, useful, and meaningful thrills us down the spine. botimize is proudly one of the Z01 cohort member of Zeroth.AI, a dedicated AI/ML accelerator in Hong Kong ( We have top-notch advisors like Jaan Tallinn (Skype), Mait Müntel (Lingvist), Thomas Stone (, and Alexandre Flamant (London.AI) with the team. We're the doers who wake up in the morning to roll their sleeves up and to build something that impacts the world we live in. We don’t do cheesy, fancy tricks here. So if you’re also excited about pouring all your talents and intellect into something that solves real problem as a pioneer, you are the one we are looking for.

Products or services

ALL-IN-ONE ANALYTICS PLATFORM - Users, sessions, top messages, and all the core metrics you need for a chatbot - Real-time message logging and sentiment analysis - Retention and conversion analysis