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Senior Marketing & Growth Lead


We’re looking for our first Head of Marketing & Growth. As a "player/coach", you will be working closely with our marketing team to continue Codementor’s growth as a leader in a nascent industry. We’re looking for a creative marketer who can both think strategically and dive in with hands-on execution.

This can be a remote position for the ideal candidate. The ideal candidate will either be based in our Taiwan office or work remotely in a time zone close to Asia

In this role, you will: 
- Be responsible for key growth metrics 
- Have full ownership of growth channels and marketing campaigns 
- Work closely with the CEO as part of our senior executive team 
- Collaborate with other internal teams to drive growth experiments


- Solid track record of success in growth marketing/user acquisition - Deep understanding of organic and paid user acquisition channels, with domain expertise in at least 1 channel - Familiarity of the software developer community - Data-driven & analytical - Strong product intuition - Entrepreneurial mindset Bonus Qualifications - Technical background - Experience in web & mobile app development


月薪 TWD 60,000 ~ 100,000


Community Manager

- Create content such as long-form blog posts and videos- Distribute our tutorials and posts to different channels (e.g. social media, newsletters, link aggregators)- Community ...

Technical Product Manager

Codementor產品團隊很在乎: 1. 驗証市場的速度和程式碼的可維護性-我們相信「速度」是一個 startup 成功的必要條件,而程式碼的好品質是驗証市場的基礎。 2. 對產品有一定程度的理解與熱情-我們相信唯有對產品有深入的了解,才有可能寫出可用的程式,做出吸引人的設計。 3. 重視使用者體驗-我們相信好的使用者體驗會是驅動產品進步的主要力量。...

Marketing & Operations Specialist

- Create content such as long-form blog posts and videos- Distribute our tutorials and posts to different channels (e.g. social media, newsletters, link aggregators)- Community ...

Content Marketing Specialist

We’re currently looking for a content marketing specialist responsible for: Creating content that readers love (mostly related to startups, the hottest tech, and the tech indus...

SEO Specialist

We are currently looking for an SEO expert to manage all search engine optimization and work on all the marketing activities with our marketing team. You will be responsible for...

Front-End Web Developer

在 Codementor,工程師同時具備使用者的角色,讓我們在開發的每一秒鐘,都可以設身處地為使用者著想。我們喜歡寫程式,更喜歡看到親手做出來的產品發光發熱。我們相信好的團隊和好的文化,是建構任何偉大產品的基石。 我們會希望找到這樣的工程師: - 對於產品有無比的熱情,喜歡用聰明的方法,優雅地解決問題。 - 擅長在廣大的 open source 汪洋中...

Back-End Web Developer

在 Codementor,工程師同時具備使用者的角色,讓我們在開發的每一秒鐘,都可以設身處地為使用者著想。我們喜歡寫程式,更喜歡看到親手做出來的產品發光發熱。我們相信好的團隊和好的文化,是建構任何偉大產品的基石。  我們會希望找到這樣的工程師:  - 對於產品有無比的熱情,喜歡用聰明的方法,優雅地解決問題。 - 擅長在廣大的 open source...

Full Stack Web Developer

在 Codementor,工程師同時具備使用者的角色,讓我們在開發的每一秒鐘,都可以設身處地為使用者著想。我們喜歡寫程式,更喜歡看到親手做出來的產品發光發熱。我們相信好的團隊和好的文化,是建構任何偉大產品的基石。我們會希望找到這樣的工程師:- 對於產品有無比的熱情,喜歡用聰明的方法,優雅地解決問題。 - 擅長在廣大的 open source 汪洋中,找...

Data Scientist

我們希望找到擁有下列特質的人: - 良好的溝通能力,能夠清楚表達自己的想法- 聰明的解決能力,妥善獨立解決大小問題- 腦中有無限創意,提供好的解法和點子- 樂於吸收新知,對於網路世界和產品設計充滿好奇與熱忱- 善於與人相處,有同理心 協助我們一起: - 透過統計方法將使用者行為數據轉換和量化- 使用適當工具分析使用者所產生的內容或關鍵事件,挖掘其...

UI/UX Designer

我們希望可以找到一個擁有以下特質的人: - 良好的溝通能力,能夠清楚表達自己的想法- 聰明的解決能力,妥善獨立解決大小問題- 腦中有無限創意,提供好的解法和點子- 樂於吸收新知,對於網路世界和產品設計充滿好奇與熱忱- 善於與人相處,有同理心


頂客時尚有限公司(DELUXE FASHION) - Senior Digital Communication Executive

- 制定年度及季度品牌溝通計劃 - 提升品牌能見度、維持品牌形象 - 整合公關資源,掌握媒體及KOL露出 - 擬定自有社群內容產出策略 - 追蹤及評估媒體投放成效 - 監控品牌於社群、論壇、搜尋之口碑成效 - 競品市場調

Pointimize - Marketing Manager

Serving as Marketing Manager at a startup, you will be responsible for the Pointimize brand and position in the marketplace - leading all marketing initiatives and performance d...

POSITIVE GRID_佳格數位科技有限公司 - Marketing manager (Taiwan)

1) Create, plan, and execute marketing briefs with compelling communication strategies    and tactics that drive awareness and sales. 2) Crafting & developing compelling au...

HITA - Marketing Assistant

- Perform daily operations, marketing and promotional activities - Work closely with internal departments and external parties on marketing campaigns, events or public relations...

91APP - 業務發展處 商店企劃

1. 細心、高抗壓性  2. 協助商品業務推展,包含協助及管理合作商店的業務經營  3. 協助商品銷售促進,包含行銷管理、活動規劃、執行及專案管理  4. 需會網頁排版,基礎修圖。 5. 熟智慧型手機操作、具電子商務經驗尤佳