30 people
$10.0 百萬

Office Admin/Receptionist


Responsibilities Include:

  • Control office admin activity and support HR, including coordinating and giving assignments, answering incoming calls, purchasing office supplies, organizing expenditures, and arranging meetings and business travel.


Preferred Qualifications: • Bachelor’s Degree • TOEIC 550 and above • At least one-year working experience (part-time job is fine) • Easygoing personality • Detail-oriented, can-do attitude, hard worker

Intowow Innovation的其他職缺

Data Architect

Responsibilities Contribute to architecture design, data modeling, and implementation of the data platform that meets both internal and external needs.

Software Engineer - Data

Responsibilities Include: Design and implement Intowow data platform that meets both internal and external needs.

Software Engineer in Test Android/iOS/Platform

Responsibilities Include: Automate tests using test framework and write code to test various scenarios of Android, iOS, and/or platform.

Sales Engineer

Responsibilities Include: Identify customer requirements and communicate possible solutions to both internal and external stakeholders, lead projects that drive to faster techn...

Business Analyst

Responsibilities Include: Engage business owners to understand business strategy, vision and customer needs, and define success metrics and risk factors with stakeholders and d...

Product Manager

Responsibilities Include: Product management leads the integration of engineering, data science, and design to achieve the Intowow commitment to UX.

Software Engineer - Frontend

Responsibilities Include: Contribute to the Intowow belief that “Experience is Essential” by conceptualizing, implementing, and engaging with backend systems.

Software Engineer - Platform

Responsibilities Design and implement software services in a large scale distributed system.

Software Engineer – Android/iOS

Responsibilities Design and implement key features of either Android or iOS SDK.Collaborate with internal and client teams to improve our SDK as well as customizing our product...


華碩雲端 - 售前規劃/方案顧問

如果您作過技術支援,又想試著銷售產品給客戶,如果您作過系統工程師,想嘗試至最前線協助業務了解客戶需求,歡迎加入我們。該職務主要負責進行客戶需求訪談、需求分析並提供客戶華碩雲端平台解決方案(包含公有雲、私有雲和混合雲平台及因應大型企業客戶客製化雲端服務建置)  [工作內容]01. 專案可行性評估 02. 需求分析 03. 解決方案規劃 04. 客戶環境...

iaunty.com - Xamarin APP工程師

1. 由於這是一個創業團隊,因此整個團隊和所有工作都會非常重視「彈性」和「速度」。創業團隊早期通常沒有非常明確的分工,每個成員要各自在這個團隊中找到自己的舞台,一起合力把產品帶到對的方向2. 工作內容包括與 PM 討論並一起設計出好的 UI3. 與後端工程師一起開發出這個 App 所有的功能

華碩雲端 - 售前技術支援工程師

如果您作過技術支援,又想試著銷售產品給客戶,如果您作過系統工程師,想嘗試至最前線協助業務了解客戶需求,歡迎加入我們。該職務主要負責進行客戶需求訪談、需求分析並提供客戶華碩雲端平台解決方案(包含公有雲、私有雲和混合雲平台及因應大型企業客戶客製化雲端服務建置)  [工作內容]01. 專案可行性評估 02. 客戶需求蒐集 03. 解決方案規劃 04. 客戶...

華碩雲端 - 售前技術顧問(Pre-Sales)

如果您作過技術支援,又想試著銷售產品給客戶,如果您作過系統工程師,想嘗試至最前線協助業務了解客戶需求,歡迎加入我們。該職務主要負責進行客戶需求訪談、需求分析並提供客戶華碩雲端平台解決方案(包含公有雲、私有雲和混合雲平台及因應大型企業客戶客製化雲端服務建置) [工作內容]01. 專案可行性評估 02. 需求分析 03. 解決方案規劃 04. 客戶環境整合...