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NT$14.0 百萬
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Social Media Specialist


1. Responsible for daily content updates, editing, campaign planning and user operation of the company’s live.me official accounts
2. Establish an effective strategy to increase the number of active (core) users
3. Involved in the production of thematic (systematic) content and promotional activities
4. Based on user feedback, cooperating with the product teams to optimize the user experience and improve product features
5. Proactively and independently plan viral interactive campaigns related to social hot issues
6. Monitor operational data. Mine and analyze data on user habits, emotions and experience. Quickly respond to live.me broadcasting contents and user needs in order to achieve cooperate and product branding goals


1. English speaker, understanding Western Culture and fond of Asian (mainly Chinese) culture 2. Spontaneous, hard-working, optimistic and easygoing 3. Social networking site enthusiast, Geeks are preferred 4. Sensitive to the most popular trends on the Internet and having good understanding about tech products and the Internet industry 5. At least 1 years of experience in planning, creative, marketing, APP operations and other relevant work 6. Familiar with the development of the Internet and tech industries 7. Familiar with Android App and Android phones, having creative advertisement related working experience is preferred 8. With sense of aesthetic / design. Knowing how to use Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator is preferred