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Multimedia Algorithms Engineer (hidden)


1. Research cutting-edge image/video processing and machine learning concepts
2. Work with product managers to brainstorm cool, new product ideas!
3. Formulate problems, generate algorithms and experiment with solutions
4. Work with mobile engineers to implement algorithms into apps
5. Analyze analytics and talk with users to understand how to improve the algorithms
6. Reports directly to the CTO and CEO


1. Wants to build fun and crazy products for millions of users! 2. Wants to work in a dynamic international team on challenging problems. 3. Has strong math and analytical abilities, but also an artistic side! 4. Is self-motivated and focused, but also creative and energetic. 5. Has experience with computer vision and machine learning projects (preferably at the MS/PhD level). 6. Has familiarity with OpenCV, MATLAB, C/C++, Python, Ruby. 7. Has strong communication skills in both English and Chinese.

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