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UX Research Intern

Job Description

  1. Organize excel based data and interpret into comprehensible user journey information
  2. Identify suitable users, send user surveys and assist in data sorting
  3. Assist with user interviews
  4. Visualize findings
  1. 整理Excel檔案資料以記錄使用者資訊
  2. 協助整個訪談流程:辦認出適合訪談使用者並、發送問卷、資料整理
  3. 協助使用者訪談
  4. 將研究發現視覺化


1. Proactive, passionate about research 2. Detail oriented, observant 3. Has knowledge of UX research methods 4. Proficient in English speaking and writing 5. Skilled with Excel, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop 1. 積極,熱情又熱愛UX研究 2. 細心,具觀查力 3. 充分了解質化與量化研究方法 4. 英文流利,善於表達與書寫 5. 精通Excel、Adobe Illustrator、Photoshop等工具 若欲申請此職缺: 1. 請投遞履歷至CakeResume 2. 請填寫此表單:https://cardinalblue.com/jobs/ux_intern


Monthly TWD 23,000 ~ 30,000



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