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iOS Developer

Job Description

- Design and execute user-facing features for the native STO native apps on iOS by leveraging mobile operating system frameworks for multi-threading, persisting data, and managing user experience and graphics across multiple screen sizes.
- Scale distributed applications, make architectural trade-offs applying synchronous and asynchronous design patterns, write code, and deliver with speediness and quality.
- Produce high quality software that is unit tested, code reviewed, and checked in regularly for continuous integration.
- Provide technical leadership, driving and performing best engineering practices to initiate, plan, and execute large-scale, cross functional, and company-wise critical programs.
- Identify, leverage, and successfully evangelize opportunities to improve engineering productivity.

薪資:年薪 35K~70K / 月


- 2+ years of relevant work experience. - Programming experience in Swift, Objective-C, C++, or C#. - Extensive programming experience in Java, Objective-C and/or C++. - Expansive technical knowledge and experience with mobile application development (Android, iOS, Windows, or other). - Deep foundation in computer science with a strong understanding in data structures, and algorithms. - Experience developing multi-tier scalable and user-centric reliable applications that operate 24x7. - Knowledge of UI and animation frameworks, touch user interface, and MVP application design. - Experience with relational databases (transactional and non-transactional), database architecture, and distributed transaction management. - Experience building services for information delivery from server to mobile clients working with relevant tools (IDEs, ant, junit, etc.). - Strong object-oriented skills including design, coding, and testing patterns.

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