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Messaging & Event Middleware Developer


1. Develop IoT core middleware based on Linux
2. Develop message dispatching and event processing system


1. Familiar with Java or C / C++ 2. Familiar IPC and threading under Linux


Technical Project Manager

1. 公司內部專案進度控管2. 公司內部資源調度3. 公司產品開發規格書撰寫與維護

Mobile APP and Endpoint SDK Developer

1. Develop Event System Endpoint SDK for Embedded System, Android and iOS2. Develop and maintain tapgo open-sourced library3. Outsource project development

Full-stack PHP Developer

1. Develop IoT platform standard backend website2. Develop IoT platform customized backend website3. Outsource project development

UI / UX Designer

1. Design template for IoT backend website2. Research & design APP UI component and flow with Mobile Developers