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WeMo Scooter is looking for Electrical Engineers who are interested in IOT based system level engineering. This is a unique opportunity to participate in the design and execution of one of the most advanced IOT based public transportation systems in the world. We are looking for capable engineers who will start by debugging and maintaining our current e-scooter fleet in Taipei. You will then move on to design and deployment of our next generation e-scooter technologies. This is a fun and exciting opportunity to integrate communications, mechanical, electrical, systems, and quality aspects of engineering. Come join WeMo Scooter's Engineering Team Today!

● 依據需求,及環境特性,規劃選用合適的硬體。
● 商討並評估智慧盒軟硬體需求。
● 開發符合產品規劃之智慧盒。
● 分析、記錄、試驗智慧盒
● 監控智慧盒運作情形並做修改,確保系統穩定



EE with experience in - Systems Level Integration - Manufacturing - IOT based systems - GPS, 4G RF technologies - Python, Android, Linux, AWS"

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Android 工程師

Android App 規劃、開發、維護、效能優化


在現階段,公司要衝產品服務上線及成長時加入,得有心理準備,你的工作內容會比較雜。(但這樣才刺激啊!) 主要工作會偏向網路社群規劃、內容生成、消費者行為調查、資料收集以及分析等。 可能會需要負責活動企劃、主持,同時撰寫文案、設計圖稿等。 甚至有時需要你跑跑腿、幫助營運管理,不定時需要你組織員工活動,聯絡大家的感情。 但我們會注重你想要學習的目標,...

Backend Enginner

開發、維護、整合 WeMo Scooter 核心系統,持續優化、解決問題,並依需求撰寫相關 API 及 API 文件 薪資:35k-45k / 月