Parth Wadhwa

Junior Architect Cloud Infrastructure

Analytical, accomplished professional Infrastructure Architect with 3-4 years of experience in multifaceted roles requiring project management, business development, and solutions architecture. Skilled in the areas of agile development, programming, automation, DevOps delivery, and maintaining security and known for being organized and a strong team player.

  Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.                          ☎ +91 9900624228            

Work Experience

August 2020 - Present

Junior Architect Cloud Infrastructure


  • Currently, working on Rackspace to AWS migration with Logicworks.
  • Currently, assisting developers and data-science team in AWS applications architectures.
  • Currently, mentoring AWS EKS(Kubernetes Service) project.
  • Currently, working on Golang and gRPC.
  • Managing HAProxy Web-server and fixing security vulnerabilities.
  • Assisted in SOC2 and HiTRUST audits.
  • Created serverless applications using AWS SAM, Lambda, Cloudformation, Dynamodb, and API-Gateway.

May 2017 - August 2020

Systems Engineer


  • Managed the on-premise Servers and Administration in Production (Rackspace).
  • Design pipelines with ALB as ingress controllers, sidecar(fluent-bit) to transport logs to AWS Cloudwatch, and JSON data to Elasticsearch.
  • CI/CD Workflows with tools like — Kubernetes, Docker, Saltstack, Jenkins, Github.
  • Introduced and managed HAProxy as a web-server to support 50K users.
  • Lead clean-room project with thin clients, Linux jail setup, and Netgear switch setup to allow restricted access of Evive employees to production servers.
  • Created backup and recovery processes of Redmine, LDAP, and Jenkins.
  • Developed the Systems and Infrastructure tools with PYTHON / JAVASCRIPT.
  • Assisted in database management of Cassandra, PostgreSQL, consul, and Redis.
  • Initial implementation of System Security and Benchmarking toolkit with OSSEC, CIS Benchmarks, NMAP, OpenVAS, and lynis.


Chitkara University

Bachelor's of Engineering

Apr 2014 - May 2018

  • Lead Speech Recognition project in 2nd year and presented it at Panjab University.
  • Published Hindi Dialect (Bangro) Spoken Recognition (HD-SLR) System using Sphinx3 research paper in Springer.


Introduced Containers and Kubernetes (Architect and Lead | Evive)

This project involved considerable architecture and infra changes in the way we released applications and our Infra deployment practices.
Key Challenges solved -
* Making Monoliths and micro-services containers ready and portable.
* Introduced Docker and Kubernetes toolkit to the development and staging environment.
* Implementation of logging pipeline using fluent-bit, AWS Cloudwatch, and Datadog.
* Implementation of CI/CD with Jenkins.
* Implementation of centralizing maven and npm artifactory with AWS CodeArtifact. And the implementation of AWS ECR for storing images.

AWS Serverless application (Architect and Lead | Evive)

Created URL shortener as a serverless application using JavaScript, AWS Lambda, AWS Cloudformation, API-Gateway, Dynamodb, AWS Route53, and goCD.
Key Challenges solved - 
* Solved SMS issues. Earlier SMS sent by Evive used to split into multiple messages because of the long URL.
* Defined goCD process for Bengaluru office.
* Provided sessions on AWS services and goCD in the Bengaluru office.

HiTrust Audit (Key contributor | Evive)

Undergoing a rigorous HiTrust Audit.
Key Challenges solved -
* Major changes in servers related to antivirus and firewall.
* Security and compliance changes in policies and procedures.
* Initiated security awareness programs and periodic reviews related to compliances.

HAProxy setup (Lead | Evive)

This project involves migration from Apache to HAProxy to support 50K concurrent users.
Key Challenges solved -
* Whole migration with testing was completed within 2 days.
* All security standards were maintained after
* Initiated security awareness programs and periodic reviews related to compliances.

DR testing (Contributor | Evive)

We had to shut down the Actual Production applications completely for compliances and audits.
Key Challenges solved -
* Managed HAProxy and DNS switching of DR and production servers.
* Utilizing Saltstack for automating the production and DR setup.

Cleanroom Setup (Key Contributor | Evive)

For audits and compliances, a cleanroom was required to access production data. This project involved considerable implementation of new processes within the organization as per our compliances and audits.
Key Challenges solved -
* Involvement of new processes with provided features and restrictions of audits to access production data.
* Introduced thin clients, OS hardening as per CIS benchmarks, and jail setup to access production data.
* Isolation of cleanroom network from office network using iptables.

Ibot - Infrastructure Automation (Lead | Evive)

Refactored many automation scripts and created one flask application to do automation tasks using saltstack and python. The purpose of this project was to reduce the access of employees from production servers and to create one plugin-based application.
Key Challenges solved -
* Reduced the efforts of the team in access control.
* Repetitive tasks were taken care which saved a lot of employees time.
* Selected from personnel can restart production-based applications and alter test data in databases which reduced infra efforts.
* Being pluggable, many employees contributed to ibot and created their automation to reduce their efforts.

What I am learning?

  • Golang to build micro-services and tools.
  • Architectures of Pastebin, Twitter, and other companies.
  • PostgreSQL (Planned)

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