Patrick Padgett - Code Artist, DevOps Maven: Refined Exactitude

• Senior DevOps Engineer
• Software Developer
• Public Speaker / Presenter
• Open Source Contributor



Python, Perl, Javascript, Unix Shell (bash, korn, zsh), PowerShell, Ruby, C/C++/C#, x86 and ARM assembly 

CI/CD pipelines and tools

AWS CodePipelines, Azure DevOps, GitHub actions, Jenkins, Travis, Drone 

Networking and security principles

IPv4/v6 networking, routers, firewalls, packet analysis, libpcap, socket programming

Monitoring and logging solutions

Prometheus, Elasticsearch/Logstash/Kibana (ELK), Splunk, Dynatrace 

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tooling 

Terraform, CloudFormation, Ansible 

Cloud Infrastructure

Amazon AWS, Google GCP, Microsoft Azure, OpenStack 


Docker, Kubernetes, LXC, openvz

Version control systems

Git, Subversion, Mercurial, CVS, RCS

Praise and Recommendations

Along with his impressive technical skill set, Pat has been great to work with. He is a positive, upbeat personality that complements any team he is a part of. I believe Pat is a true example of the type of employee that every employer wants: highly skilled, accountable and responsible, with a superior work ethic and a personality to boot!—  Jake Weaver, Founder & CEO, codesigned

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Patrick, your display of tenacity, creativity, and dedication through your perseverance and hard work for project D3884 delivered exemplary results! You beat the aggressive schedule, total costs were less than budgeted and service impacts to current customers were avoided. This project was delivered in a world class fashion; creating new processes that we can use on other complex programs. As a result of your efforts, our current and future customers can enjoy the best that our company has to offer!— Kathryn Walker, Chief Network Officer, Sprint
Pat, thanks for the quick response for implementing an alarming solution for the ProDiff files. You have been instrumental in maintaining this project, and your documentation has helped others gain an understanding of the processes involved.  Your ingenuity is well known among many here at Sprint and is not going unnoticed.  Keep up the good work!—  Renee Keffer, Director Network Operations, Sprint

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The right tool for tunneling SSH through a proxy like Squid, Gauntlet, CacheFlow, Junkbuster, or Apache mod_proxy is Corkscrew. Why? Because the name corkscrew is well chosen, and because the program author introduces himself like this: "My name is Pat Padgett. I'm a dork." In my experience, such laconic people are great programmers. Charly Kühnast, Linux Magazine, September 2014 Issue

Work Experience

May 2020 - Present

Founder & CEO

Owner of IT Company headquartered in the Kansas City metro area focused on website development and digital marketing campaigns for small businesses as well as various software projects for government contracts (CAGE code 8PMQ9).

• Founded and led an IT company specializing in website development, digital marketing, and software projects for government contracts.
• Developed targeted digital campaigns that significantly improved clients' online presence and generated increased engagement.
• Implemented automated IT infrastructure using DevOps tools such as Ansible, Docker, and CI/CD pipelines, enabling efficient deployments across multiple cloud platforms.
• Cultivated strong relationships with investors, suppliers, and clients to drive business growth.
• Achieved a 10x increase in social media engagement for clients within just two months.
• Authored impactful Wikipedia articles and obtained the highly sought-after Instagram Verified mark for a social media client.

January 2017 - November 2021

Developer & Director of Information Technology
Hindia Indonesia Travel Agency

• Managed IT infrastructure for a government-contracted travel agency, ensuring efficient design documentation, inventory management, and change management.
• Led a high-performing team of programming, web development, and help desk professionals, driving exceptional customer support and seamless integration with transit booking systems.
• Oversaw full-stack web development projects to enhance user experience and streamline operations.
• Collaborated with various entities throughout Indonesia to deliver successful excursions and meet client needs effectively.

March 2018 - May 2019

Senior Infrastructure Automation Engineer

• Implemented DevOps best practices including CI/CD, automated testing, infrastructure as code, and centralized logging to foster a collaborative and efficient work environment.
• Significantly reduced deployment time for critical infrastructure by integrating comprehensive tests into Azure DevOps CI/CD build and deployment pipelines.
• Streamlined scalability and developer workflow by building Docker containers for all iFactory applications.
• Empowered efficient resource management by developing Ansible playbooks for seamless deployment, configuration, and maintenance of both on-premises and cloud resources.
• Enhanced log collection and analysis capabilities by configuring Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana, resulting in informative dashboards and improved troubleshooting.

February 2017 - May 2017

System Administrator
Raymond James

• Led application administration and served as the Linux subject matter expert for the Capital Markets team, ensuring smooth operation of GBST's Syn suite for back-office trade processing.
• Implemented streamlined log analysis with Splunk and JVM process monitoring with Dynatrace agents across all Syn components.
• Developed efficient Ansible playbooks to deploy new releases seamlessly across multiple environments.

November 2015 - September 2016

Product Manager & Software Engineer

Led the development of codesigned's Microsoft SharePoint products 'Intranet' and 'Analytics'. Spearheaded product management responsibilities for both products, ensuring successful development and deployment.

July 2001 - March 2015

Accounting Operations — Software Engineer
Sprint (noT-Mobile, as of 2020)

Wireless and wireline billing subject matter expert responsible for the highest tier support of all of Sprint's billing mediation systems.

• Expert in wireless and wireline billing, providing highest tier support for all of Sprint's billing mediation systems.
• Led development of an application that saved $2 million by collecting and routing event data records (EDRs) to multiple downstream applications.
• Utilized ELK stack to reduce time to resolution for actionable alarms by 50% on multiple billing mediation platforms.
• Increased processing rate by 250% through development of a method for distributing billing records across parallel billing processors.
• Created a business rule translation tool using Perl's Parse::RecDescent module.

• Implemented a production management system using Ansible and Gitlab, resulting in faster deployments and reduced errors.

January 2005 - December 2009


• Developed and trained education staff in Fasttrack, a web-based celeration chart application, for educators to assist in Behavioral Analysis.
• Analyzed Healthcare Cost Report Information System (HCRIS) data for tax firms.
• Launched engaging websites for numerous small business clients.


Oliolie's Website

Oliolie Website & Social Media

• Drafted a unique marketing strategy to promote Oliolie's influencer business.
Authored Wikipedia articles in English and Bahasa Indonesia.
• Adjusted YouTube and Instagram strategies, increasing engagement by 50% in three months.

corkscrew Github Page


Notable open-source tool allowing the tunneling of an SSH connection through an HTTP proxy. corkscrew is written in C and presently uses GNU Autotools.
• Collaborated with the open-source community to enhance usability and stability by merging patches into the project.
Assisted volunteers in the creation of distribution packages (Debian, Ubuntu, RedHat, Centos, FreeBSD).