Patrick Dobson

Web developer with eight years of full stack intimacy. At home in a Linux shell. Enjoys working with Python, Java and Node.js. Expert in web frameworks like Django and Express. Comfortable with pure Javascript, JQuery, or frameworks like AngularJS or ReactJS. Able to deploy continuous deployment pipelines with Docker and Jenkins on self-hosted hardware or Amazon Web Services.

[email protected]
Warren, Ohio, United States

Project: FreeVerse

Solo Developer - Dec. '16-March '17

Continuously deployed web application with a microservice architecture developed as a passion project to help Internet creators monetize their audience.


Other Projects


Lead Developer - June '11-Nov. '12

Multimedia-driven messaging application aimed at replacing email. Python, Django, JQuery,, AWS S3 and EC2.


Lead Developer - Jan. '15-Dec. '16

Penetration testing appliance enabling team collaboration. Reports findings from initial network and vulnerability scans in real time. MEAN app deployed on a NUC form factor.

ZSI-SCCS Livescan

Lead Developer - Dec. '09-March '11

.Net Windows application that interfaced with fingerprint and document scanners along with background check APIs to build a complete identity report. FBI IAFIS certified. (search 'ZSI-SCCS' below)


Continuous Deployment

  • Virtualization Docker, Virtual Box, EC2
  • Integration GitHub, Bitbucket, Jenkins
  • AWS EC2, S3, Cloudfront, Route53
  • Dependency Management pip, npm
  • Linux CLI, Vim, APT, grep, less

Microservice Development

  • DBMS MySQL, Postgres, Mongo, Firebase
  • Web frameworks Django, Express
  • Languages Javascript, Python, C#
  • Web Servers NodeJS, Nginx, Apache
  • REST APIs Django Piston
  • CDN Deployment AWS S3, Cloudfront

UI/UX Development

  • UX design & User testing
  • Mobile First Development
  • Javascript AngularJS, JQuery 
  • Stylesheets CSS, SASS
  • OSes Windows, Ubuntu, OSX, Android, iOS

Full Time Positions

Director of Product Development, Lunarline, Inc. Dec. '14-Dec. '16

Responsibilities Oversaw the design, development and marketing of Lunarline's Cyber Security Products. Designed project plans and managed their implementation. Prepared monthly formal progress reports for the CEO. Managed the development lifecycle by reviewing specifications submitted by developers, testing new features and bug fixes, leading code reviews and managing code repositories. Lead programmer on all products. Maintained development tools like Jira, Confluence, Stash and Jenkins. Handled developer interviews, onboarding and offboarding. Navigated yearly ISO 9001 audits for software development. Performed pitches and presentations for customers and investors.

Technologies Atlassian Suite (Jira, Confluence, Stash, Crucible, Crowd), Linux, VMWare vSphere Client, AWS EC2 and S3, Intel NUC, Jenkins, Digital Product Delivery (

Senior Software Engineer, Lunarline, Inc. Nov. '12-Dec. '14

Responsibilities Software development, project planning, product design and marketing


  • Airlock
    • Zero-Install Native Windows application written in Python with a .Net wrapper. User interface consists of web technologies. Applies registry scripts that corresponds to Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGs).
    • Roles Lead Developer, Product Manager
    • Technology Python, C#, .Net, HTML, CSS, Javascript, AngularJS, Windows Registry Scripts
  • Vulnerability Scan Converter
    • Zero-Install Native Windows application written in C# and .Net. Parses output from Vulnerability Scanners like Nessus and Metasploit into spreadsheet reports that conform to compliance organizations like FedRAMP.
    • Roles Lead Developer, Product Manager
    • Technology C#, .Net, Executable Reflection
  • Ground Station
    • Python-Flask web application that retrieves and parses threat reports from official sources and sorts them according to an organization's relevant infrastructure.
    • Role Developer
    • Technology Linux, Apache, MySQL, Python, Flask, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap
  • Sniper
    • Penetration Testing appliance (see above)
    • Role Developer
    • Technology Linux, NodeJS,, Mongo, Javascript, HTML, CSS, AngularJS

Founder and Lead Developer, GeoGeist Dec. '10-June '11

Responsibilities Product design and development, technical sales

Project GeoGeist, a GIS-driven web application

  • GeoGeist made election data analysis affordable for small campaigns. Using election and GIS data from local boards of election and state secretaries of state, GeoGeist was able to overlay elections data onto Google Maps with granularity to the precinct level (a single zip code may have dozens of precincts). Political campaigns could save money by purchasing access to only the precincts they needed, giving city council and board of education members access to data analysis tools normally reserved for national and statewide campaigns.
  • Role Lead Developer
  • Technology Linux, Apache, Python, Django and GeoDjango, Postgres and PostGIS, Google Maps API


Via680 June '11-Nov. '12

Project Ving, a multimedia web application

Responsibilities Architecture design, full stack development, pipeline development, UI/UX design, recruiting and interviewing

Summary Ving was in development hell when I started. Most of the app was broken even in a dev environment. I fixed the bugs, finished key features, and shipped the first version on AWS. I then instituted proper project management, continuous integration best practices, and hired a team. When I left, Via680 was a functioning software business.

Technologies Linux, Nginx, Python, Django, Javascript, JQuery, SASS, CSS, HTML, AWS EC2, Postgres, Memcached, Git, Bitbucket, Jenkins, Atlassian Jira

Carrier Services Group March '11-June '12

Projects eCommerce web application, project management web application

Responsibilities Architecture design, full stack development, application deployment, UI/UX design, recruiting and interviewing

Summary CSG hired me to build the eCommerce portion of their IT equipment reseller business. Their inventory was kept on spreadsheets, so the web application's inventory could be updated by uploading an XLS file. I also contracted with CSG to develop project management software, but this contract was discontinued when their business went in another direction.

Technologies Linux, Apache, Python, Django, Javascript, JQuery, CSS, HTML, MySQL, Git

YouLobby June '12-Oct. '12

Project YouLobby, a crowdfunding application
Responsibilities Full stack development, application deployment
Summary YouLobby lost their previous contractor shortly before the scheduled launch, so I came on and finished the first version of the project. I developed the payments feature using Braintree and fixed multiple bugs. I deployed the app on EC2, added a memcached instance and setup simple backup/recovery scripts for the Postgres database.
Technologies Linux, Nginx, Python, Django, Javascript, JQuery, SASS, CSS, HTML, AWS EC2, Jenkins, Memcached, Postgres

Platform Associates Aug. '12-Jan '13

Project RSS Video Aggregator

Responsibilities Python Development, MySQL Database management

Summary This was a part time role where I helped a content distribution startup consume a long list of video RSS feeds, store the video files on a CDN and update a MySQL database of metadata.

Technologies Linux, Cron, Python, Beautiful Soup, MySQL

Zerco Systems International, Inc. Dec. '09-March '11

Project ZSI-SCCS, Windows Native .Net application

Responsibilities C# Development, Technical Sales

Summary ZSI-SCCS enabled background check professionals to collect all of the data on a subject in one short interview. The integrated package came with a document scanner, and our OCR software was able to pull PII from ID documents. A fingerprint scanner combined with a secure connection to the FBI IAFIS enabled realtime fingerprint background checks.

Technologies .Net, C#, Document Scanner, Fingerprint Scanner, Lexus Nexus API, FBI IAFIS interface

Other Skills and Technologies Yes, yes, for search engines, you got me

  • TDD, BDD, DevOps
  • OO Design, UML
  • A/B Testing
  • Technical Writing
  • MVC, MVP
  • Agile, Scrum, Lean

  • PHP, Java, Actionscript, C++
  • Bash, SH scripting
  • Unix, Redhat, Kali, OpenSUSE
  • Jinja2, Mustache.js, Underscore.js
  • Stripe, Paypal,

  • ReactJS, Backbone.js, AJAX
  • Pylons, PyJamas, Pygame, Pylab
  • Drupal, Joomla, Magento
  • Grunt, Gulp, Bower
  • Nunit, Tape, Mocha
  • oAuth, JWT, SSO

  • SVN
  • Eclipse, Visual Studio
  • iMovie, Keynote, Numbers
  • Gimp, Inkscape
  • Excel, Word, Powerpoint
  • Oracle, NoSQL
  • Legacy Systems


Rochester Institute of Technology, Sep. '04-Aug. '08

Degree Bachelor of Science, Information Technology

Concentration User Experience design

Minors Entrepreneurship, German


American Greetings, Python and Actionscript programmer, Summer 2006

Lehman Brothers, Infrastructure and Web Design, Summer 2007

Storm Frog, Actionscript programmer, Flash game designer, Summer 2008

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Hobbies and Interests

  • Reading
  • Personal Productivity
  • Jogging
  • Creative Writing and Blogging
  • Therapy and Emotional IQ Development
  • Prayer
  • Travel

  • Pro Wrestling
  • Movies
  • Video Games
  • Real Estate
  • Sports
  • Politics
  • Macroeconomics

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