Patrick Sandrin, Tchatchoua Mbada

SQL Database Administrator & Linux Systems Administrator & AWS Engineer & DevOps Engineer

  Houston, TX, USA

(346) 317-4894

[email protected]

Experienced IT professional working for almost 10 years in the IT field. My knowledge and experience include: 

- SQL Database administrator (DBA) with about 10 years of production support experience in designing, testing and supporting next-generation database solutions in SQL Server environments (SQL server installation, implementation & migration - performance running & capacity monitoring - backup & recovery - failover cluster & always ON - Database maintenance - ETL - SSRS - SSAS - SSIS)

-   Linux Systems Administrator with about 6 years of experience in troubleshooting network issues - Docker Containers Deployments - Web Apps (Jenkins, Sonarqube, Nginx) deployment - Linux servers inventory (Redhat, Centos, Ubuntu, Kali, Debian) - Files & Directories Permissions - Managing Users & Groups - Automating Jobs Using Crontab

- AWS Cloud Systems Administrator with about 6 years of experience in VPC Configuration - top tier applications deployment - EC2 Instances  configuration - Managing the complete AWS life cycle, along with security, provisioning & automation - Creating backups & managing disaster recovery - Maintaining access control, as well as the integrity of data, throughout the platform of the AWS application

- DevOps Engineer with about 5 years of experience in CI/CD pipelines creation, maintenance and Configuration - works with developers and the IT staff to oversee the code releases, combining an understanding of both engineering and coding. From creating and implementing systems software to analyzing data to improve existing ones - Ensuring that systems are safe and secure against cybersecurity threats


Work Experience

DevOps Engineer & Linux Systems Administrator  •  OAG Analytics (Houston - USA)

August 2019 - Present

Responsible for implementing and supporting the CI/CD pipeline processes and databases infrastructure of about 20 production servers running SQL instances versions SQL 2012 to 2019 & Managing Linux servers Centos, Redhat, Ubuntu.
➢ Develop and create stored procedures, advanced queries, triggers, views, indexes, and functions for databases.
➢ Using tools like Jenkins, Sonarqube, JFrog, ECR and GitHub to automate a continuous integration process.
➢ Working with software developers and software engineers to ensure that development follows established processes and works as intended.
➢ Involved in performance testing and optimization of databases ranging from 10GB to 5TB OLTP Databases.
➢ Manage the products and development databases including performance tuning, capacity planning, SQL Server clustering, database security configuration, and database continuity.
➢ Managing SQL Server database security by granting secure permissions to the principals and automating various routine maintenance tasks like backups, index reorganization, index rebuilds on all production databases.
➢ Monitoring Event Viewer, SQL Error logs & Log File Viewer for Software & hardware related errors.
➢ Optimized system and application performance using techniques like shutdown, reboot, start and stop services and tools to identify performance issues and solutions
➢ Expertise in using DBCC trace flags, handling blocking and deadlock situations.
➢ Examine the capability of the software to expand as users save data to it
➢ Provides trend analysis to the service management team to enable them make informed decisions regarding resource management.
➢ Improve and manage maintenance of the databases to include deployments and upgrades.
➢ Planning out projects and being involved in project management decisions.
➢ Keeping all code changes into a single system so that it can be modified and tested
➢ Setup the yum repository in the server, upgrade the repository by appropriate patching and installing software packages and services using yum and rpm as required.
➢ Extensively worked on troubleshooting and fine-tuning of databases for performance.
➢ Responsible for security and non-security patches based on company approved maintenance schedules.
➢ Query optimization and improving overall performance, deploy updates and fixes
➢ Performed day to day Linux administration tasks such as user account management, directory services, file system sharing and permissions.
➢ Develop and maintain cooperative and collaborative relationships with networking, storage, software development, and project management teams
➢ Work with software developers and Quality Assurance to seamlessly migrate applications from development to QA and production.

AWS System Administrator & Database Administrator  •  CSAT Solutions LP (Houston - USA)

June 2017 - July 2019

Providing production support to a leading computer and tech support company for multiple clients across the country.
➢ Helping the client with creating and deploying a stable database infrastructure, carefully learning metrics and monitoring the health or use of AWS resources on a full scale by leveraging Amazon CloudWatch
➢ Create and implement the best backup and recovery strategies based on business requirements.
➢ Improve the Server performance and SQL server optimization. Creation and management of VPC, C2S access points, Bastion Hosts, and URL proxies
➢ Troubleshoot performance-tuning issues by running SQL server Profiler, creating traces and running these traces in SQL Server Database Engine Tuning Advisor and analyzing the reports.
➢ Analyze poor performing queries and tune the same to using the execution plan to optimize application and database performance, Approve Images For Use As Catalog Items
➢ Implemented smart index maintenance process; re-organizing and rebuilding indexes based on volume of fragmentation, configuration and fine-tuning of cloud infrastructure systems
➢ Monitoring the CPU usage, IO statistics, Memory Usage to identify any OS level performance killers, enabling database level trace for performance tests.
➢ Planning & Implementing High Availability & Disaster Recovery with minimal downtime.
➢ Designing process flows & creating templates for each and every service used and provided.

Database Assistant  •  ICT (Liverpool - England)

February 2014 - May 2016

Provide support for the entire database environment: PROD, UAT, QA, TEST, and DEV .
➢ Create new database logins and users as required.
➢ Applying necessary SQL Server database patches and installing service packs.
➢ Worked as part of a 24x7 on-call support for Production Databases.
➢ Troubleshoot disk, network, memory, and CPU related performance issues on high volume OLTP servers.
➢ Set up Always On Availability Groups for SQL Server 2014 databases.
➢ Designed the backup and recovery strategies for SQL Server databases to meet our customer SLA requirements. Responsible for driving the consolidation and upgrade efforts of all database systems into SQL Server2014.
➢ Performing frequent health checks for all backups and mission-critical production databases
➢ Creating and analyzing daily reports for mission-critical databases.
➢ Monitoring of servers using SQL Sentry third party tools that extends across all platforms and data centers.
➢ Revise and improve current monitoring strategies for the entire database enterprise.
➢ Standardize processes for the DB team by creating documentation for
installations, migrations, upgrades, backups, restores, index maintenance.
➢ Revise current DR and HA strategies and improving them, thereby reducing downtime in the event of any failure.
➢ Ensured availability of instance and databases via clustering and mirroring.
➢ Create reports that run daily for jobs running in SQL Server Agent

Junior SQL Server DBA  •  Sigma Data Systems (Paris - France)

September 2012 - January 2014

➢ Responsible for Backups and Restores.
➢ Involved in installation, configuration and upgrading.
➢ Involved in the migration from physical to VM servers.
➢ Resolving slow queries issues.
➢ Monitoring different servers.
➢ Granting and revoking access.


2008 - 2012

Ankara University

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science

2004 - 2008

The Conquest High School

Computer Science


User Experience

  • User testing - Jenkins - Mirroring - Troubleshooting - Sonarqube - Troubleshoot - Statistics - JFrog - AWS - Terraform - GitHub - Gitbash - Tasks Automation - Vagrant technologies - Maven - Artifact
  • SQL Server Performance Tuning - Windows Server - User Account Management - Decision Making - Docker - Always ON - Failover cluster -  Extraction Transform & Load (ETL) - Patching - ECR
  • Technical Services - Team Player - Good Communication - Solution Architect - Containerization - kubernetes - Linux servers (Redhat, Centos, Ubuntu, Debian, alpine) inventory - Projects Documentation - Ansible
  • Disaster Recovery - High Availability Clustering - Linux System Administration - SQL/MySQL - Bash scripting - Networking (Vpc, subnet, gateway, load balancers, EC2...) configuration - Stored procedure


English — Fluent

French — Native or Bilingual


1) Jude Raney Bendet

Sr Data Engineer at United Health Group

(832) 792-8973

[email protected]

2) Dimitri Nde Fotsing

SQL Database Administrator at CSAT

(832) 582-9880

[email protected]

3) Christ Kankeu

Sr Database Administrator at Cognizant

(346) 333-5545

[email protected]

4) Collins Abisina

IT Department Manager at OAG Analytics

(832) 800-0095

[email protected]

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