Patxi Gadanon

I am a bilingual senior Digital Marketing Manager with more than 20 years’ international experience in digital marketing in B2B and B2C companies in the UK and Spain. I am looking for a challenging senior role in digital marketing ,data analysis or growth hacking helping companies grow their reach and revenue using data to drive strategic decisions. My key skills are strong motivation, initiative and creativity in solving problems arising from busy client-facing environments. I am customer-focused, a good team player and an empathetic and understanding leader.


SW8 London, GB
[email protected]


Senior Performance Marketing Manager at Fresh Relevance, April 2021 - to date

  • Defining, testing and executing acquisition campaigns across paid and owned channels to drive website visitors, conversions and sales pipeline growth. 
  • Managing, developing and A/B testing our website to provide a user experience that is personalised and optimised for conversions. 
  • Owning the SEO strategy from a keyword, page optimisation and technical perspective (site health, site speed, mobile optimisation, etc.) to maximise website traffic. 
  • Owning our paid media budget and performance against targets. 
  • Running PPC and retargeting campaigns across Google, Bing and LinkedIn, incl. optimising and refining bid management, copywriting and competitor benchmarking. 
  • Identifying opportunities to expand into channels where we’ve never been before. Collaborating with the wider team to develop optimised user journeys for these campaigns, incl. creative, proposition and landing pages. 
  • Building and expanding email nurture streams to convert leads into MQLs. 
  • Reporting on KPIs, incl. in-profile leads, MQLs and opportunities. 
  • Working closely with sales on handing off campaigns, following up leads and generating sales pipeline.  

Senior Web Manager at Colart, Jan 2017 - Oct 2019

  • Web strategy to offer great experiences to our visitors. Websites that are easy to find (SEO) and easy to use (UX) 
  • Web operations, leading a small team to manage 5 brand websites (3 of them with ecommerce). Working with the respective brand teams on content that is relevant for our audiences and with the developers/designers to deliver that content in the best way possible. 
  • Web optimisation. Implementing an always-on optimisation framework for: 
    • SEO. Developing keyword researches to help with content production. Monitorisation using MOZ. 
    • Testing/Personalisation. Creating hypothesis using analytics tools (heatmaps, session recordings, web metrics,...) and constantly challenging the status with clear goals in mind (engagement/conversion) 
  • Tracking & Tagging. Making sure we have the right tracking in place for campaigns and always-on. Using event tracking to capture all the actions that can help our marketers make better decisions. 
  • Analytics & Reporting. Creating reports/dashboards that are actionable, understandable and accurate. Using Google Data Studio to show only the KPIs that are relevant for each stakeholder. 
  • Training & Documenting. Creating how-to guides, clear processes and documentation with a sharing philosophy to upskill the marketing department in digital

EMEAR Digital Marketing Manager at Cisco, Jun 2014 - Jan 2017

  • Campaign execution. Supporting marketing and communications, field marketing and global to deploy omni-channel campaigns. From the initial briefs all the way to reporting and insights. 
  • SEM optimisation. Working with the media agency on planning, execution, analysis and campaigns optimisation (Programmatic Buying, Paid Search, Paid Social). 
  • Landing Page Optimisation. Creating a global optimisation program to engrave the testing culture in everything we produce for digital.
    ACHV: We doubled the conversion rate of a landing page by testing alternative placements for the web form. We scaled up the project and we have now a new template that includes the key learnings 
  • Optimising hand-raisers (chat, contact us, phone). Working closely with development to improve UX, conversions and quality of data.
    ACHV: I led a project to update the “request a call back” form across EMEAR. It drove an increase of more than 25% in SQL opportunity (main marketing KPI) 
  • Tagging & Tracking. Making sure that all the campaigns are correctly tagged and tracked. Using Tealium and GTM for tag management and tableau for data visualization and end to end tracking
    ACHV: I led a project to update the “request a call back” form across EMEAR 
  • Data Management. Working with the DMP (BlueKai) and other sources of data to get insights and make decisions. Training the different stakeholders on the available dashboards (Tableau) 
  • I have become the “inbound/digital” subject matter expert in the region. For this reason I am a key contributor for the Intranet (Jive) creating “how-to” guides and sharing best practises across the entire organisation

Product Manager at PayPal, Aug  2013 - Jun 2014 [contract]

  • Driving the marketing strategy and propositions delivering the annual marketing plan for the lifecycle of the PayPal Access Card based on segmentation plans. Three main goals Acquisition / Activation / Adoption.
    ACHV: Successful acquisition campaign (email/banner using Eloqua) driving 10K new card holders 
  • Campaign management from briefing creative and copy through to production and implementation working with internal campaign management team and external agencies.
    ACHV: Managing effectively different agencies working on the same campaign 
  • Report on and maintain good understanding of campaign/product performance and make recommendations to improve.
    ACHV: New email templates based on testing and performance analysis. Producing MI report with key insight and trend analysis

Marketing Manager at Analytics SEO (aka Authoritas), Sept 2012 - Aug 2013

  • Inbound marketing, lead generation. Generating leads using different channels (PPC, Search, Affiliates, Content Mkt,...) ACHV: I increased the number of leads (500% Increase) by optimising the signup form (removing required fields like cc details) 
  • Affiliate Management. Expanding and managing our affiliate programme. Dealing with the day to day inquiries and attend their needs.
    ACHV: 20% increase in the number of affiliates and 50% increase in the traffic generated by them 
  • PPC Management. Managing Google Adwords. Multiple locations and campaigns (FR/USA/UK). Retargeting website visitors. Banner advertisement.
    ACHV: I reduced the CPC by 50% by creating specific landing pages for different audiences (SEOs, Digital Agencies, eCommerce companies)

For a full list of jobs please visit my Linkedin profile


Data & Analytics

  • DMP: BlueKai (creating audiences, campaigns, working with vendors,..) 
  • Data Visualization: Google Data Studio, Tableau. Designing new ways to visualize big data, training stakeholders, extracting insights and taking decisions based on data 
  • Analytics Suites: Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, ClickTale, Woopra, MouseFlow,...
  • SEO Platforms: Analytics SEO, SEO Moz, Raven Tools, Majestic SEO, SEM Rush, Google Webmaster Tools, Brightedge 

Tracking & Testing

  • Marketing Automation: Eloqua (email/landing pages, nurture journeys, reporting) 
  • A/B/n Testing: Optimizely, Adobe Target Premium, VWO (Visual Website Optimiser) 
  • Personalisation: Adobe Target Premium
  • Tracking / Tag Management: Google Tag Manager and Tealium

Design & UX

  • Acrobat Pro: Interactive PDFs 
  • Photoshop: Image treatment and optimisation Web Design: 
  • Dreamweaver, Fireworks, CSS, HTML, landing pages, newsletters, email campaigns SEO and UX. Designing with a clear focus on SEO and UX

Data Science

  • Python for Data Science
  • Jupyter Notebooks
  • Knime
  • Portia, Web Scraping
  • Dataiku DSS, H2O


  • Managing public facing websites running on WordPress, Magento, TradeIT, Ektron, Adobe Web Experiences, Sharepoint,... 
  • Designing, creating and maintaining internal sites on Jive, SharePoint, Confluence


  • Agile methodology 
  • OS: Advanced user of Windows, Mac OS X 
  •  Office Suites: Advanced user of iWork, MS Office, OpenOffice, Office 365 
  •  Project Management: Microsoft Project, Trello

IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

Data Science and its Methodology, became familiar and used a variety of data science tools, learned Python and SQL, performed Data Visualization and Analysis, and created Machine Learning models.


  • Postgraduate: Community Management (online) OBS Business School, University of Barcelona, Dec 2010 
  • BS Marketing, University of Navarra, Spain 1997  


  • Spanish, mother tongue
  • English, fluent

Hobbies & Interests  

  • Sports: I enjoy sports particularly basketball - 20 years amateur team member 
  • Documentaries: I love discovering things I didn't know. I feel there are so many things I didn't know about that add new points of view and perspectives we can benefit from.

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