Lin Yang, Chen

Backend Engineer



  • Javascript
  • Python
  • C#


  • Nodejs
  • Express
  • RESTful


  • EC2
  • RDS
  • Load Balancer
  • Auto Scaling


  • MySQL
  • Redis
  • Jenkins
  • Docker
  • Nginx


  • Mocha
  • Chai
  • Sinon


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • jQuery
  • AJAX


AppWorks School, Trainee

Apr 2020 ~ Aug 2020

  • Kilem-Midi 5 weeks
    • A real time, version controllable collaboration platform for producing midi music.
    • Delivered automatically by Docker Compose and Jenkins.
    • Built real-time music co-editing environment by
    • Utilized jQuery UI to make midi notes editable.
    • Demonstrated playing music on the browser with Audio Context.
    • Adapted midi file exporting feature by using Tone.js.
    • Constructed lock mechanism on tracks to avoid editing conflicts.
    • Resolved race condition of music storage and lock system by MySQL operations such as Transaction.
    • Improved efficiency by organizing music components data with OOP concept.
  • STYLiSH-Cowork 1 week 
    • Collaborated with Front-End and Android teams.
    • Adopted Git Flow for team cooperation.
    • Built APIs and API documents for new features for Android and Front-End teams.
  • STYLiSH 3 weeks
    • Completed a B2C website for selling clothes independently.
    • Completed a B2C website for selling clothes on AWS EC2.
    • Applied REST API format to increase maintainability and security.
    • Optimized code quality by adopting MVC pattern.
    • Designed database by normalization.
    • Imported Redis cache for efficiency.
    • Integrated third party service - TapPay to conduct payment process.
    • Performed load testing with artillery, solved high networking flow issue by AWS load balancer and auto-scaling.

Foxlink, Injection Mold Design Engineer

Aug 2018 ~ Mar 2020

  • Analyzed product for manufacturability for Injection Mold.
  • Improved normalization of Injection Mold for Industry 4.0.

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology,

Sep 2013 ~ June 2017

Bachelor of MechanicalEngineering

  • GPA: 3.72 Ranking 8 / 100
  • Japanese test ( JPLT N1 ).


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Player system features

  • Provides collaboration platform to composers.
  • Supplies lock mechanism to prevent conflicts while editing.
  • Allows users to loop music in the chosen interval.
  • Updates the newest version and notify immediately.
  • Supports 4 instruments, piano, guitar, drums, and bass.
  • Offers different selections of note bars’ length and time grids (4th note, 8th note alignment).
  • Exports and download the midi file of the newest version.
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  • Offers search engine for better user experience.
  • Supports Facebook login.
  • Provides a shopping cart to record interested products of customers.

Cycloidal gear autodraft

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  • Calculates the profile of gear on the application.
  • Simulates motion of gear by animation.
  • Checks if the gear is undercutting or not.
  • Exports and plots gear model in Inventor automatically.
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