Paul E Jondle

Innovative Approaches to Medical Science

With a wide-ranging background in medicine, Dr. Paul E Jondle was the first physician in New England to be board certified as a diplomate in Preventative Medicine. He guided Eleven Multidisciplinary Medical Clinics over several decades. Dr. Paul E Jondle oversaw eleven practices that achieved numerous success stories through the dedicated efforts of a team that included neurologists, internal medical specialists, chiropractic physicians, pain specialists, radiologists, specialists in physical medicine and rehabilitation as well as orthopedic surgeons and heart surgeons.

Many folks that had been given up as hopeless or incurable found help from his team. Among the noteworthy outcomes documented, via patient testimonials and objective diagnostic testing were issues associated with paralysis, deafness, abdominal disease, back pain, and spinal arthritis. A number of patients with Parkinson's disease saw their symptoms of trembling and shaking get better within a four to six-week time frame. In other cases, long-term chronic pain conditions and migraine sufferers achieved improvement within a matter of minutes.

Dr. Jondle’s current activities focus on being a health educator and functional medicine consultant to other physicians. His teachings in the discipline of energy medicine, nutrition and extensive knowledge of human bio-field has been acknowledged by doctors and health care professionals all over New England. . He has authored a number of highly regarded articles on the topic of medical necessity over the years, including “A Lesson in Medical Monopolist Tactics.” One highlight of Dr. Paul E Jondle’s career was being invited to the White House by President Ronald Reagan and honored for his humanitarian contributions.

Salem, NH, US

Work Experience

Jan 1988 - Jan 1990

Creator / Developer 11 Clinics
Future Health


Jun 1977 - July 1993

Palmer College of Chiropractic

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