How to use a leaf blower vacuum mulcher?

As autumn approaches and for several months, dead leaves quickly accumulate in the garden. We sometimes forget that this pile of plant waste, moistened by rain, can be harmful to the development of the lawn and even dangerous because it is extremely slippery. A very practical tool is dedicated to gathering heaps of this rubbish to facilitate their destruction.

Would you like to know if its operation is complex? To use it well, do you want to know more about its capabilities and how to use it?

This article will bring you clear answers to the questions you are asking yourself. You will know how to use a leaf blower mulcher to optimize its performance. We will also advise you of additional options that could appeal to you and best relieve you of a collection chore.

Leaf Blower Features

This garden tool's very simple mode of operation can provide you with other services that you may not be aware of.

What is a leaf blower used for?

You know that the accumulation of vegetable waste on the ground is problematic. On the one hand, your lawn becomes fragile, suffocating under this opaque carpet and vector of parasites. On the other hand, it can even become dangerous on a driveway or terrace and cause falls.

If its name confirms its ability to facilitate clearing dead leaves cluttering your outdoor space, you can also use it in several other situations. It will be ideal for cleaning your clogged gutters or evacuating light snow.

How does a leaf blower work?

This device, equipped with a motor, and powered electrically or by fuel, generates a powerful jet of air using a blower system. The force of this wind, rewarded by a pipe directed towards the ground, will make it possible to lift the light vegetable waste tirelessly on the ground.

The air propulsion tube improves the precision of work and its targeting so that the fallen leaves can be collected in a pile.

Starting up a blower and using it is extremely simple.

Using the leaf vacuum mulcher blower

The steps for using a leaf blower are basic. Do not neglect those concerning your safety.

How to prepare before using a leaf blower vacuum mulcher?

It is important to take the time to consult the manufacturer's instructions for your equipment. You will thus be certain that you are using the correct method for using your appliance, and you will obtain the maintenance recommendations essential to its longevity.

As with any gardening activity, it is recommended that no one is standing near your work area. Projections of light objects or small pebbles could injure someone if you do not care for them.

Your attire should be appropriate for your task. So wear long clothes, closed shoes, gloves, and a visor or goggles.

Good to know: never start your tool by holding it at arm's length. Remember that its engine is powerful.

How to properly use a leaf blower?

Getting started with an electric leaf blower is very simple. All you have to do is connect it to its power source, mains, or battery and press the start button. On the other hand, the thermal models will be launched using a pull cord.

The steps of use are as follows:

  • Turn on the engine of your device;
  • hold it by the handles and use the harness to relieve yourself of its weight if you have one;
  • gather the plants in a pile using a sweeping motion;
  • adjust the force of the blow to your needs, thanks to the speed regulator;
  • Turn off your device and pick up the mound of trash to dispose of.

It is good to know that using a blower is more efficient when the leaves are dry.

Advantages of a leaf blower vacuum mulcher

Leaf blowers have evolved and now offer very practical suction and mulching abilities.

Why choose a vacuum blower shredder?

If the simple blower saves you more precious time than a rake, a device equipped with complementary functions of suction and crushing will be even more effective.

Although gathered in a pile, the dead leaves must be collected and thrown away as they are by you. However, with these additional options, you will be spared this chore.

The vacuum shredder blower, equipped with a collection bag, will reduce your plants to very fine debris, much less bulky and compostable.

Is it more profitable to buy a leaf vacuum mulcher blower and shredder?

Surprisingly, these full-featured tools aren't more expensive than their single-tasking counterparts. You will find models of different powers and ranges on the market, allowing even the smallest budgets to equip themselves.

So why deprive yourself of it? Consult our comparison of the best blower vacuum mulcher to find a high-performance product at the right price. 

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