Pavithran Ravichandran

Mobile App Development Engineer

E: [email protected] M: +91-9894011425.  L: Chennai.      

An experienced mobile application engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the IT software industry for the last 4.5 years, who majorly worked with iOS (3+ years) and Flutter (2+ years) technology using Agile development methodology.

A passionate Data Science Learner who strongly belies that AI will be the technological innovator in the coming years. Committed to building software products by solving real-world problems that would make a difference in people's lives.

Technical Skills & Tools


  • Swift (3+)
  • Objective-C (2+)
  • iOS SDK (3+)
  • UIKit, Autolayout (3+)
  • Core Data, GCD, ARC (3+)
  • tvOS, Realm Database (2+)
  • MVC, MVP, MVVM (2+)
  • REST API, JSON Parsing (3+)
  • Push Notifications (2+)
  • Autolayout, Cocoa pods (3+)
  • RxSwift, Reactive Cocoa (1+) 
  • Core Animation & Motion (1+)
  • XCTest , Appium (2+)
  • Xcode Instruments Tools (3+)
  • JIRA, Agile, TDD (3+)
  • Git, SVN, Air watch (3+)
  • Mac OS & Xcode (4+)

Flutter (Android)

  • Dart (2+)
  • Flutter SDK (2+)
  • Bloc, SQLite, Dio, HTTP (2+)
  • Android SDK (2+)
  • Flutter Dev Tools (1+)
  • Flutter Test, Appium (1+)
  • Firebase, Push Notifications (1+)
  • Google play console (2+)
  • Google Maps SDK (2+)
  • Audio & Video call - Asterisk, Google WebRTC, Jitsi SDK (1+)
  • Real-time updates -WebSocket, XMPP, MQTT (1+)
  • Stripe payment (2+)
  • Fastlane, CodeMagic (2+)

Computer Science

  • C, C++
  • OOPS, SOLID Principles 
  • Data Structures and Algorithm
  • Database Management
  • Computer Networks
  • Operating systems
  • Distributed Software System Design
  • XML, HTML, JavaScript
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Science using python
  • TensorFlow

Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer 

Altimetrik  •  July 2022 - Present

I started working as a Senior software engineer in mobile at Altimetrik on 08/08/2022, and excited to see the opportunities at the front.

Mobile App Development Engineer (4.6 years)


I have been promoted to work with the migration of the existing application to Android using Flutter and published 3 apps on both the Android and iOS app stores and I was part of the Data Science Research team to include ML Capabilities in the existing products.

Recent Education

Madras Institute of Technology Campus (MIT)- Anna University

Bachelor of Engineering-BE electronics and communications (ECE)

2013 - 2017

Product Experiences 

CATIE is a communication, self-service, and resident engagement software that helps seniors connect with their community in various ways. This solution introduces an efficient way to keep residents informed of community happenings with staff support.

I started supporting the existing iOS application written in Objective-C and later migrated the same to Swift and recently developed the android version using Flutter.

Worked on some critical bug fixes and debugging. Introduced video calling using Asterisk, WebRTC, Jitsi SDK and Radio streaming module as well.

CATIE TV solution can be programmed to display banners and information for residents in common areas or can be connected to your cable equipment and inserted into your community’s in-house TV channel.

I have worked on this product from scratch and this is for developing the APPLE TV version of the CATIE app with a brand new design and workflow.

We used the Realm database and support both the light and dark modes.

The Tango Belt is a companion app to be used with the hip protection belt (IoT Device), communicates with the belt via Wi-Fi connection and pushes the required details, and syncs up with the server.

I have worked on this product from scratch and developed this application for both the native iOS and cross-platform Flutter.

We used Wi-Fi communication between the app and belt specifically to handle the data flow streaming.

Wings is an eCommerce food ordering application with all the required features like cart, payment gateway integration, order tracking, product updates, coupon codes, and push notifications.

I started this as a personal project in Flutter with friends and later converted the same into a more stable product and right now it's running successfully with more than 500 users on both the Android and Google stores.

We used Stripe payment integration and push notification features as well.

RepairPlus is a home maintenance service request app that will be used to request a service from users and served based on availability.

This product was developed through freelance experience with friends and now it is ready to go into production with more attractive features and will be available for both the Android and iOS app stores.

ConviniCars is a vehicle tow service that will provide Tow, Rental, and Repair customers with live tracking status and driver updates.

We started this application as a prototype with real-time location tracking using Google Maps SDK and later convinced the customers to improve it into a more stable product. Right now, the internal testing is still in progress and is yet to be released on the app store.

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