Raymond Chen


Passionate about data analytics and business intelligence. Extensive multidisciplinary backgrounds, from my field of study in multimedia image processing & computer vision, experience in Tableau and Power BI with Microsoft SQL Server Integration, English technical/content writing, to public speaking as a host for an online event. As a team player,
I shine in an environment where there are people from various backgrounds and get satisfaction from networking.


  [email protected]



國立陽明交通大學 | 資管所

NYCU | IIM 2019 - 2022
Master of Science


國立陽明交通大學 | 電機系

NYCU | ECE 2015 - 2019
Bachelor of Science


  • Master's Thesis: A Deep Learning Approach for B&W and Color QR Code Printed Source Identification. 
  • 15th International Conference on Signal Processing and Communication Systems, ICSPCS 2021
    1. Proceedings Title: A Deep Learning Approach for QR Code Based Printed Source Identification. 
    2. Presented a study on deep learning models for printed source identification on behalf of NYCU Institute of Information Management 
  • Lab Courses: Electronics Lab, Power Electronics Lab, RF Circuit Lab.
  • Wireless & Microwave Courses: Antenna Design, Microwave Engineering, Electromagnetism, RF Propagation.
  • Communication Systems Courses: Logic Design, Computer Networks, Speech Processing, DSP, Digital Content.
  • Network Infrastructure Courses: Business Data Communications, Distributed Systems, Information Security, Social Computing Networks.
  • Management Courses: MIS, Project Management, Construction Management, Business Negotiations.


  • Part-time Web Administrator at NYCU CIRDA. (Sep 2021 - Now)
    1. Developed a prototype real-time data analytics visualization for University, Research, and Impact Rankings on Tableau + SQL Server. 
    2. Co-authored NYCU SDGs Annual Report 2021.
    3. Write and translate up to 8 articles or web content per week.
  • Part-time Administrator at NYCU Office of R&D. (Jan 2021 - Now)
    1. Maintain daily system updates by adding ±200 conference papers, journals, and proceedings per week at NYCU Academic Hub analytics platform.

  • Teaching Assistant at NYCU IIM. (Sept 2019 - Jan 2021)
    1. Completed a small analytics project for Worldwide GDP Summary with Power BI + SQL Server.
    2. Demonstrated an I, B, P - frames motion estimation video encoding program in MATLAB.
    3. Developed a Deep Learning project for facial recognition in MATLAB.


  • Programming & Development: C, PHP, MS SQL, Python, MATLAB, OpenCV.
  • Data Analytics: Tableau, Power BI, SAP, WBS Schedule, Microsoft Project.
  • Design Tools: Microsoft Visio, Elementor, Canva.
  • Authoring Tools: LaTeX, Grammarly, Adobe RoboHelp.
  • Hardware: Breadboard, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Oscilloscope, Function Generator, Soldering Iron.
  • Simulation: ANSYS HFSS, AWR Design Environment, SPICE, LabView, ImageJ/Fiji


  • Volunteer Host at Lifehouse Taipei - Language Exchange Team. (Jul 2021 - Now)
    1. Leading the Advanced Level English conversation in a group of 6 to 10 weekly. Total participants: 40 - 50.
  • Activities Division at NYCU WLEF. (Feb 2020 - May 2021)
    1. Participated as one of the club hosts.
    2. Involved in the 2020 end-of-semester event as the game planner.
    3. Helped with club promotions at major events such as Club Expo and NYCU iSport. 
  • Former Club President at NCTU TALK Club (Now Defunct).
    1. Increased paid memberships by 50% compared to the previous year.
    2.  Organize outdoor activities for the first time, such as: Club Expo, Welcome Party, Culture Trip, and Christmas Party. 
  • Northern Stream of Nanyang Talents Scholarship Recipient
  • NCTU Alumnus David Wang 勻雍希望 Scholarship Recipient 
  • IELTS Certificate (Band Score: 6.5, Reading 8.0 – Taken in 2014)


  • English, Bahasa Indonesia - Mother Language/Bilingual
  • Chinese - Intermediate/Advanced