Pete McCarthy

Product Manager•  San Francisco, CA

[email protected] • 415.335.1315

With over 15 years of experience working with both new startups and larger enterprise software companies, I’m able to bring a unique perspective to what it takes to launch and maintain new software products. Having worked in Customer Service, Sales, Operations, and Engineering over the course of my career, I understand how to craft products that take into account all parts of an organization while maintaining a customer-centric approach.


Sr Product Manager, Vendini

January 2015 to April 2017

The company was undergoing the need to modernize, revamp, and in some cases eliminate legacy applications that were written more than 10 years prior. I led a small group of developers that helped guide the company in selecting new web and mobile frameworks, worked closely with the executive team to craft the vision and strategy, and implemented a framework to bring transparency and process to launching new products.

Key Achievements

  • Launched Festival Logistics Management solution within 4 months of project conception to run a 70k person festival. 
  • Built RFID access control system to manage entry for large scale festivals. 
  • Launched mobile Box Office point-of-sale solution, replacing legacy desktop application across entire customer base of 7000 theaters. 
  • Introduced Mixpanel and A/B testing for data-driven approach to product management within the organization.

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Student, Mobile Makers Academy

September 2014 to November 2014

Attended a three month intensive bootcamp to learn iOS development.  Wanted to deepen my understanding of coding and improve my technical understanding of mobile development.  Launched RideOnTime app which utilized Uber's app to allow passengers to schedule Uber rides.

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CEO & Founder, Checkwise

2013 - 2014

Developed a digital food safety system for restaurants and grocery stores. Ran all aspects of the business including product design, overseeing engineering, sales, marketing and customer support.  The product consisted of a Ruby on Rails back-end with an iOS client application.

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Director of Development, Agilysys


Oversaw over 30 developers, product managers, and business analysts for hospitality software division. Started as a Sr. Product Manager and was promoted to Director after successfully spearheading the next-generation Point-of-Sale effort.

Key Achievements 

  • Led effort to develop next generation, cloud-based POS . Delivered first pilot site in 8 months from kick-off of the project.
  • Migrated interface for legacy products to a RESTful API, helping to facilitate rapid mobile application development.
  • Built first mobile product offering within the company, delivering an Android POS client.

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Director of Major Account, Par


Worked directly with IT departments of Fortune 500 Companies to coordinate large scale point-of-sale deployments . Worked closely with all levels of customer's IT departments, from C-level to store management, to ensure satisfaction.

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Sr Implementation Specialist,  OpenTable


Part of the first 20 employees of this early stage startup.  Provided installation, training, field service support and customer service to the restaurant clientele of the OpenTable.  Participated in new product development and project coordination, helping to launch OT Concierge.  Served as the key point of contact for training and customer relations opportunities.

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Trek Leader,  Trek America


Led small group, adventure camping tours throughout North America, including Mexico, Canada and Alaska. Duties included organizing outdoor activities, providing city sightseeing excursions, arranging night-time entertainment, teaching campground etiquette and delegating chores ranging from cooking to loading the equipment. As the tour leader performed daily administration tasks such as accounting, driving, daily logistics, researching unfamiliar territory and managing the ever changing group dynamics.

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Projects 01 00@2x 9a5a97084c8e268ae3725d8e03654d1815ae2eb597b59c292ae4d0beffa7b703

Elevate POS

Web-based POS, built with Javascript framework for client and Ruby on Rails for backend Reporting and Admin.

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Combining software, a mobile tablet and built-in temperature measuring devices to help you collect, track and store food safety data for anytime, anywhere access.

Projects 01 02@2x fe789c7495428f4bddd216a44a8d0d12ce13fbeed0f26e9c9f2fa6c5fb4b5cc2


Student iOS project, allowing Uber customers to schedule Uber rides with drivers.  Utilized Uber API.

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Box Office

Redesigned primary ticketing solution for Vendini as a web-based, responsive app. 

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The BagBot is a shopping cart capable of detecting products placed in it’s basket.  The prototype was built for the 2017 Money 20/20 hackathon and placed in the top 5 out of 500 teams.

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Earthship Biotecture Academy, Student - 2017

Mobile Maker’s Academy  iOS Developer Bootcamp – 2014 

University of California at Santa Barbara Bachelor of Arts in Economics - 1996


Earthships, Cryptocurrencies, Yoga, Running, Permaculture, Gardening, Meditation, Body Surfing, Hiking 

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