Peter Fan

Front-End Developer


  • Be able to build a website from scratch with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and ReactJS. Familiar with JavaScript, git, manipulate data via API from Back-End. Design website wireframe by using Figma. 
  • Have optimizing and refactoring personal project experiences, and be able to create projects with appropriate React libraries and packages as well.


1. ShengShi: SPA and RWD website users can share their redundant meals with others. [ Link ][ Demo

  • Hosted on Firebase Hosting. Data is implemented with the Firestore database and Firebase Storage. 
  • Created with React framework, styled-components. Used Redux for state management. Shares could be searched via the Algolia extension connected with Firestore. Users can exchange their information by scanning QR codes. Provide google maps for restaurant search and exchange location information.
2. STYLiSH: An E-Commerce website hosted on Firebase Hosting. [ Demo
  • Created with HTML, CSS, VanillaJS. Products are lazy loading for better performance and UX. 
  • Users can log in via FB, pay with TapPay SDK, and search products through the API provided by Back-End. 
3. Face Recognition: Recognize faces in an image. Created with React, Express.js and PostgreSQL. [ Demo
4. Python scripts for network device automation
  • Perform batch traceroutes on Noction platform via Selenium package. [ Link
  • Collect dataset from by implementing Python Selenium scripts. [ Link
  • Get the conversation of IP sessions on Netflow Analyzer with its native API. [ Link
  • Fetch batch IP information of website API by performing Python script. [ Link
5. Knowtecq life website [ Demo
  • Built for images portfolio of Knowtecq company. Used an adjusted front-end template, and Python Flask framework hosted on pythonanywhere platform. 
6. Resume Line chatbot [ QR code ]  
  • Built my previous resume on Line chatbot with Python Flask framework hosted on Heroku platform.

Work Experience

AppWorks School , Trainee, Batch #14 (Front-End Class), Jul 2021 ~ Present

Top 10% of 300+ applicants. Improve Front-End skills by implementing project-oriented development.
Co-worked with IOS, Android, Back-End teams and added new features on an existing MVP framework project with SCRUM flow.

諾德資訊有限公司(Knowtecq Limited), Senior Operations Engineer, Jan 2020 ~ Jul 2021

Handled network incidents, requests from customers and co-worked serious incidents with infra engineers.
In charge of writing SOP and developing automation scripts for reducing duplicate workloads for teams.

諾德資訊有限公司(Knowtecq Limited), Junior Operations Engineer, Jan 2019 ~ Dec 2019

Applied routers, switch, and firewall configurations by following SOP and ITIL rules for best practices.
Proactively monitored network bandwidth usage and redirected network traffic to mitigate DDOS influence.

Institute for Information Industry (III), Trainee, Jul 2018 ~ Dec 2018

Focused on the router, switch, and Linux manipulation. Developed AWS test Line chatbot and personal resume chatbot with Python, Line SDK, docker on Linux-based environment.

Republic of China Military Police , Information Officer, Jul 2008 ~ Jul 2018

10 years experience in information-communication-related positions.


Chung Cheng Institute of Technology, National Defense University, Bachelor’s Degree, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 2004 ~ 2008

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