Cheng Wei Chih

Currently employed as a Cloud Architect at MetaAge Corporation. 

  1. Familiar with GCP architecture, Linux/CLI/Bash scripting, Terraform and Python.
  2. Experienced in GCE/GKE deployment and network architecture planning , and provides technical support for large-scale shopping mall and retailer clients.
  3. Conduct training through online/on-site sessions.

  Taipei, Taiwan

Google Cloud Platform

  • Google Compute Engine
  • Google Kubernetes Engine
  • Cloud SQL/DMS
  • IAM/Service Account/IAP
  • Load Balancer/Backend/Health Check/SSL Certificate
  • VPC/Routing/Firewall/Cloud VPN/Share VPC/PGA/PSA/PSC/VSC
  • Cloud Monitoring/Logging/Alert
  • Cloud Armor
  • BigQuery
  • Billing and CUD

Other Stack

  • Linux
  • Kubernetes
  • Network
  • Git
  • Prometheus/Grafana
  • System Automation(Bash script/Terraform)
  • Hystax VM Disaster Recovery
  • Python

Soft Skill

  • Fluent English speaker, presentation and studying.
  • Company Official Website Project Management experience, with 5 team members.
  • Project solution architect , presentation, SOW and schedule control.


National Chung Hsing University

Sep. 2014 — July. 2016

  • Master's degree, major in Electrical Engineering


Professional Cloud Architect

May. 2022 - May.2024

Professional Google Workspace Administrator

Apr. 2023 - Apr.2025


MetaAge Corporation

July. 2022 - Present

MetaAge focuses on introducing the most advanced global software and hardware of information services to meet the requirements of corporate customers.

Cloud Architect

Jul. 2022 — Present

  • 2022/08 Chemical Factory
    • SAP systems builds with DEV/QAS/PRD environment.
    • Linux LVM/NFS, and bash script for auto bootup/shutdown.
    • SAP Backint Agent configuration for data/log/catalog backup to Cloud Storage.
    • CUD for cost optimization.
  • 2022/09 Cement Factory
    • 136*VMware VMs DR solution on GCP with Hystax.
    • Routing weight for solving the same subnet IP range between On-prem and GCP(DR site) problems.
    • POC with 15*VMs and recovery on GCP.
  • 2022/11 Manufacturing Factory
    • Litmus Manufacturing Connect Manager - data pipeline to BigQuery solution.
    • Write the Python Code to collect the data from Kafka in Manager VM through data cleansing/transformation process, and import to BigQuery in real-time.
  • 2022/12 MetaAge Corporation
    • Write the Python code to call the Google Workspace API and collect customer usage data for Google Workspace, such as daily log-in time and Google Drive total usage capacity(MB).
  • 2023/02 - 2023/05 Well-known Retailer
    • Assist and reply to technical questions in the Line group to help customers develop the shopping APP on GKE.
    • Kubernetes/GKE concept guide includes cluster maintenance windows, Standard v.s. Autopilot mode, cluster autoscaler, HPA, PDB, ingress/service in GKE, cluster IP range design for node/pod/service and storage resources. 
    • Share VPC/Cloud DNS design best practice.
    • Cloud SQL configuration guide and introduction, includes query insight, instance maintenance windows, capacity growing problem due to massive bin log generation, SQL import/export, and backup schedule.
    • Conduct 4 days of on-site training about GCP with customized material.
  • 2023/04 Shopping Mall
    • Information & intelligence platform migration from 8*AWS EC2 VMs to GCP via compute engine migration to virtual machines service.
  • 2023/04 Automotive Electronics Company
    • Official website migration with GCP LB, GCP managed SSL certificate, Cloud Armor and Cloud CDN.
  • 2023/05 Shopping Mall
    • Parking fee discount system migration on GCP with strict downtime requirement.
    • Propose Nginx reverse proxy with MSSQL database CDC solution.
  • 2023/05 Government Institution
    • Configure Cloud Armor with Managed Protection Plus edition to protect the on-prem official website VM, with Internet NEG as GCP load balancer backend.  
    • Deploy Cloud Armor, protection policy includes OWASP top 10 preconfigured rules, Advanced network DDoS protection, Threat Intelligence and Adaptive Protection. 
  • 2023/06 Shopping Mall
    • Multiple API, Windows task scheduler, official websites on Windows IIS, and MySQL/MSSQL database system migration to GCP.
    • Refactor the Windows task scheduler into Cloud scheduler/Cloud Function, MySQL/MSSQL into Cloud SQL, and official website content into Compute Engines for reducing system complexity after migration.

Infortrend Technology, Inc

Dec. 2016 — Oct. 2021

A pure-play Enterprise Data Storage solution provider with 25 years of history and a public listed company in Taiwan since 2002. In order to deliver the highest quality products and services, Infortrend integrated product development, design, manufacturing, technical consulting/support to deliver a comprehensive solution to customers.

Website Project Manager

Sep. 2019 — Oct. 2021

  • Study competitor's technical document and white paper, discuss and report to Product Planning team.
  • Technical document writing (Application Note, White Paper,  Best Practice)
  • Develop the product configurator to simplify the business development process, the task includes: Calculation formula, schedule control and UI/UX review and team management.
  • Redesign the support site to increase the post-sales quality, the task includes: Website architecture and services define, schedule control and UI/UX review and team management.


May. 2017  Oct. 2021

  • Project evaluation, planning and PoC.
  • Making product/solution introduction slide and competitor analysis
  • On-site/online technical training via English.

Solution Research Engineer

Nov. 2016 — May. 2017

  • Study competitor's technical document and white paper, discuss and report to Product Planning team.
  • Technical document writing (Application Note, White Paper,  Best Practice)

Project Management Experience

EonStor CS Product Configurator

Through the EonStor CS product configurator, users who are not familiar with the product only need to enter the capacity, performance and network environment requirements, and the configurator will automatically recommend a solution kit based on the content of the demand, which simplify business cooking and promotion processes. On the other hand, users that already familiar with EonStor CS can also list out the solution kit, and query the total capacity and performance that it can deliver.

Support Site

In order to improve the service quality of the post-sales support to customers, a support website was re-planned for the end of 2019. Including the following two pages.

Technical Support

After selecting the product, you can use the support services, including product installation and maintenance guideline. Software, firmware and technical document download. Users can also contact technical support engineers through the support ticket system for advanced support.

Product Services

After logging in, you can register the product on this page to enable more services: including enabling the advanced data services, product repair (RMA/AVR), and shipment progress status query.


Visit Korean distributor for technical training

Visit Korean distributor for technical training

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