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        羅良瑋 Peter Lo

               born in 1997, Taipei Taiwan

               National Taiwan University

               Department of Information of Management(2015-)

About me

    I'm a junior student in National Taiwan University, and I major in Information Management. In my first two years of college, I have learned computer science, statistical lessons and some basic management courses. At the end of the first half  junior year, I accomplished an Unity3D game with my friend(with C#). Currently, I am studying data mining and participate in a project with professor.

  When it comes to my personality, I consider myself a active learner. I enjoy participating in various group projects with different people . Every unique experience inspires me and I always learned a lot not only from the cases but  the members I cooperate with. Therefore, in addition to participate in courses and study myself , I think having a intern is an another great way to make me progress and also discover what field I might feel interest in.




Programing :


R, Python,





Basic Accounting and Management


Being a good coworker, I enjoy working and exchanging ideas with people. 

Strive for excellence not only in schoolwork but also in school volleyball team.

(GPA around 3.5 )


Learning English since 8 years old, and I'm better in reading and listening.

Besides,I have learned Japanese since I was sophomore in NTU.

GEPT: High-intermediate Level

     Project & Experience

Freshman , 2015 - 2016

Simple NTU Map

    We constructed a simple map with c++. User can find out which way is the fastest by input the start point and the destination.


Sophomore , 2016 - 2017 

Movie Analysis Website 

    We used R to crawl down the comments on PTT of almost every movie that released in Taiwan in 2016, we evaluated the comments and gave every movie a score. We then compared them to the scores on IMDB. 


SKILL: R crawler , HTML / CSS / Javascript, D3.js 

Junior, 2017- NOW

Ice Volley 3D

    We first used blender to create character model and court objects.  Then we used C# to manipulate the game objects in the scene. In this game, players can use special skills to goal (for example : Snowman can freeze the opponent) .

SKILL: Unity3D, C#, Blender

Online Bookstore

    We built the online boo kstore website to control the warehouse situation. By using the web, employee can easily check the stock of books.



    We worked on a project called Safey, my job is to develop a Android application that can connect to Raspberry Pi via bluetooth, and it has to control Raspberry Pi to accomplish certain tasks. 

SKILL: Android, Linux

PTT Network Analysis

    Recently, we began our project to analyze PTT network by crawling data from PTT Gossiping page. We want to build a website to present user social network in PTT and find out  hidden attributes within certain group of users .

SKILL: Python, MongoDB, SLM, D3.js

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