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Top affiliate offers for OF models, creators and OF agency

Despite not having a direct Onlyfans affiliate program (not anymore) there are a lot of agencies that manage the growth and marketing of models and creators working on the Onlyfans model platform.

The main problem, though, is the organisation and management: measuring how much traffic the agency/marketer send to the model and how many of them converts and sign up to free trial or paid subscription can be quite hard and have its own problems overall.

Here we will talk of what can solve this problem: a Onlytraffic review, that is a CPA affiliate network program that let you manage easily OF campaigns with your Onlyfans models and gives to the marketer a share of the earnings, measure directly by the Onlytraffic CPA platforms.

best onlyfans affiliate program - onlytraffic adult CPA affiliate network review


The main features of this OF CPA platform can be summarized in this long list:

- Comprehensive analytics, automatically synced almost in real time and displayed in charts/tables/filters, making the model marketing way more transparent overall;

- Guaranteed payouts, as the platform takes the risks associated with the models not paying and pay in USDT and Skrill/Paxum payment systems as soon as the funds are unlocked by Onlyfans;

- Different campaign formats, with Onlytraffic tracking link and the possibility to track campaigns promoting the free trial versions of the models subscription options;

- Selected offers and models, moderated and screened in order to avoid OF creators not paying, and you can also see the conversion metrics of specific offers for a model's campaign in your own profile;

- Dedicated Affiliate Manager, available through main messaging apps (such as Telegram, Skype and other platforms) and the option to work in a team with both the advertised model and operators;

- Rapid Scaling and very easy scalability overall, as if you want to scale you only have to add traffic sources and eventually choose another model offer

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The main advantages of using Onlytraffic platform for a Onlyfans content creator are:

- Detailed analytics, with detailed data and reports that let you track a single campaign and compare with Onlyfans pagedata, even giving you a detailed report for each new fan gained through campaigns;

- Complete confidency and anonimity, as the promoter/affiliate marketers promoting your own page doesn't received your contact info or access to your own profile;

- Choose how you want to be advertised, and which platforms to avoid, and also you have the guarantee that the marketers have to be approved before and are not new marketers but experienced promoters with case studies that have their traffic source verified regularly in order to avoid frauds and bad traffic problems (that also don't have instant access to your content);

- Flexible terms and share, as you can set the percentage you're willing to pay for traffic and you also have very extensive customisation as you can set up for a single campaign (maybe also marketing your free trial page) and then set up as many campaigns you want with different percentage shares (for example if you want to pay more for marketers bring new paying customers instead of free trial users, or also if you want to pay more for Instagram/Twitter/Reddit/Snapchat/TikTok traffic and prefer a specific social traffic source);

- Personal managers offering support during the setup, always available and also always ready to help in setting up a new campaign or tweaking more an existing campaign, and you also have the option to communicate in a team (with the manager in the team as well obviously) with the marketer that is promoting your content

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On the dashboards you have access to promotional content for the campaigns, and also the platform aims to make a transparent marketing relationship where marketer and model can collaborate and where the marketer can ask for promotional content to the model itself(all with the moderation of the managers).

High quality material that is also 100% unique(or at least only used by experienced marketers) can make conversion rate and earnings go way higher compared to using average content, so this should be considered as well for making high-performing campaigns.

For the model, Onlytraffic guarantees both the highest security in sharing promotional content and the confidentiality of every interaction with marketer and staff, in order to make the most professional relationship possible.

The staff also checks whether the materials provided by Onlyfans content creators complies with Onlyfans's own platform terms and conditions in order to avoid breaking terms and getting content deleted from Onlyfans moderation.

How much can model and marketers earn using the platform?

It's quite hard to make an estimate about the earnings, as those can greatly vary based on the quality of the content, the audience and traffic of the platforms where the marketer promotes, the model popularity and the promotional methods using in the campaing.

How much can an OF model creator earn on Onlyfans?

The average income of a Onlytraffic approved model is 6000$, with some hitting way more with 100.000$ per month, sitting in the Top 2% Creators.

The finance web site Spendmenot, though, estimated that the average earnings for OF models is 151$, but you have to consider many things before drawing your conclusions:

- The vast majority of creators, even if create great quality content, doesn't necessarily know marketing and therefore doesn't necessarily know how to get traffic consistently;

- Most of the best earning models have a dedicated team/agency that promotes her own content and also often also people managing her private chats

As you can see, as for lots of things, the deal breaker isn't always making good content, but knowing how to put the great content in front of as many audience as possible, and that's where Onlytraffic can help you.

And paying for promoters is an expense only in the very begininning, because when you start getting traffic you have way more income to cover the expenses.

Plus, most of the users on the OF platform pays not only for the content itself, but for the "relationship" and secrecy of getting to see some content that isn't available anywhere else, and also to get to ask very personalized content as well if the model subscription allows that.

Those are two GIANT conversion booster factors, as you understand how the user see the process and what he's searching here.

The best way to advertise using those strategies is therefore to tease potentially interested audience with soft/"clothed" content in order to attract interest on main social platforms, and then when they recognize your creator existence you can (or, the marketers can, if you outsource promotion to promoters) get way more paying subscribers.


The earnings of a marketer obviously depends on the marketer experience with traffic sources, but most of skilled marketers can earn from 5000$ to 20000$ as an average, but that doesn't mean that you can't earn more using the many straightforward tools offered by Onlytraffic!

Even if you're still a beginner in adult traffic and Onlyfans models promotion, you can still earn a good amount, considering how every single user can also spend a lot on a model and for each user you almost always get a recurring payment (because he decided to sign up to a very specific OF model, so on average the model subscribers stay with the model for quite long time periods).

Every single subscriber can be a great achievement in your affiliate marketer referral thanks to this CPA revshare model powered by social media marketing and adult traffic!

best affiliate programs for affiliate marketers about Onlyfans platform for both model and marketers



Right now there isn't a direct affiliate program on the platform for affiliate marketers but only for models/creators, but still agencies and OF marketers can earn a lot from their models, and easily break the 4 figures weekly if you know how to advertise properly your Model's content on Instagram (that doesn't allow adult content but only "teasers" and let you link to an OF profile only with a Linktree or other bio pages tools such as Linkinbio, Instabio or, Twitter (way more NSFW friendly overall), Reddit (where you have to be careful to post in relevant subreddits following the rules) and other platforms too.


Yes, as you can see in this article there definitely are lots of OF creators earning 5 figures (lots, well, relatively lots, as they are still a small percentage of the total number of registered creators).

As you can see in the article, the strategy is both marketing-related and psychological: you have to attract as much as interested audience as possible through teasing SFW content and then kind of establish a bond with your paid subscribers, that will feel in a secret exclusive group and will be even more pushed to engage and also spend more for model content.

But you might ask, can I realistically make money on Onlyfans?

And here the answer is yes, as you need just a few subscribers in order to earn something that you can consider good, and from this incentive eventually invest more time in this job path while the earnings accumulates thanks to both the old subscribers and the new subscribed users.


Yes, all the top earning OF creators use a marketing strategy: some use Instagram and reach through posts and reels, some (lots, actually) use Reddit and NSFW subreddits, and lots use Twitter as well thanks to the less "hate" against NSFW content on this platform, but there are still lots of other traffic channels to use for an effective promotion.

In short, yes: you need to promote your content in order to gain subscribers, but the good thing is that compared to lots of earning methods where you need A LOT of traffic in order to gain money consistently, here on Onlyfans you can earn a higher amount of money for every subscriber, and a good share of paid subscribers stays as paid subscribers for longer periods, as they have "chosen" to pay for your very specific model page content.


One of the best ways to leverage your existing subscriber base is to use all the features that the platform offers: you can earn a good recurring income through subscriptions alone, but you can also leverage private messaging and personalized content for the subscribers that are willing to pay way more in order to get some extra content.

In fact, lots of content creators admits that those are their biggest income streams, even bigger than subscription fee alone, so it's something that you can consider too if you want to make your earnings higher!


Yes, there are lots and lots of couples on OF, so  it's definitely possible to earn together on the platform.

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