Polina Voroshylova


[email protected]




Seeking for a job without any experience. Currently I am a 3rd year student. My interpersonal skills are well developed. At the same time I am all-round educated and self-motivated person. I can manage different tasks and I do it on time. I am very communicative person, can communicate with different people, I like to help them when they need it, because I believe that help, support and trust are efficient components of any team.

Have an experience in organizing events for students, like lectures, hackathon, engineering competition. 

Love people,

so I can solve different human problems

Know the most useful office programs

and can reinstall Windows

Passionate about time-management & productivity 


I am the Head of my group at university. I know how to create sum-up's, do paperwork, how to work in team and with different, sometimes not really polite, people.

  • Computer Science
  • Sep 2014 — PresentNational Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute "
  • English
  • B2


I love to travel a lot and try to do it frequently. I like to cook, read and study, as well.

Currently I am a member in BEST organization (Board of European Students of Technology), and here I am in fundraising team, but complete other tasks, as well. Last month I was at General Assembly in Estonia, as a delegate from Kyiv, with other students from all over the Europe. It was a great chance to improve my soft skills on trainings, discussions groups, etc. I am very active student, and I always want to develop myself, so I take part in different events, attend lectures and workshops and I love it.

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