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Several years home office freelance engineer.

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  Taipei City, Taiwan  

Commercial experience

Fullstack engineer ( Remote )  •  Houzz  SEP 2021 - Present


Just join the team, duration of absorbing tons of knowledge.

Senior Frontend engineer ( Remote )   •   Saint-Fi.Inc   > SEP 2020 - Agu 2021

Focus on the internal UI tools of the enterprise, integrate several types of service with backend engineers and communicate with mates to find the issues immediately.

Focus on website development with Vue.js, keep the reusable features during the coding period.
Optimizing the code structure which prevents the code may generate large amounts of files, making it can be taken apart into several modules.

Frontend engineer ( Remote )  •  Kooco  > OCT 2019 - AUG 2020


Redesign the main structure of the first project which I was assigned to be handed in this company, discuss the mates to solve problems, and help junior mates keep away from bad habits.

Communicated with the manager of the projects and customers to figure out the goal and the design of the whole project, and let other office mates understand what we should do.

Reporting the situation and requirements in the development stage to the manager and the mates who are in other teams, makes sure the project will be developing rapidly, and the resources assigned are enough.

Maintain and modularity the existing system and expand the features by spec.

The project which I handled at this company is an arrangeable interface for the landing page.
The context will load the configuration for the landing page which is stored on the DB server, then the pages and router are rendered/assigned according to the configuration.
The customer user is able to edit the order and the context for each page via the interface and to publish it.
All of the pages are independent of others except the common data.

We use Nuxt.js as the framework to build a modularity and flexibility program.

Frontend engineer  •  FriendFinder Inc  > JUL 2018 - JUN 2019


The company is the branch in Taiwan of Friend Finder Networks Inc. which is located in CA Campbell.
I am the frontend engineer who concerns existing projects and developing new features for mobile websites.

In Taipei's office:
We cooperate with employees in the United States and have discussions almost every day.
We are focusing on the redesign project of sites and high-risk bug handling. 
We are familiar with intern-tools and code rapidly to manage some of the legacy systems.

I was developing the live broadcasting and message feature for the mobile site:
( Applications are newly started for the revision of the mobile sites)
The live broadcasting features were decided to consist of a websocket, webRTC, and Angular 4.
Each customer is able to tip the broadcaster, send messages, and some products have the ability to interact with broadcasters.
Broadcasters will be able to keep the live broadcast no matter how many watchers on the channel.

Short-term/Project-based experience

Senior Frontend engineer - contract  •   Cooby   > NOV 2020 - MAR 2021


Build the CRM system i18n website application which keeps a nice structure, independently modular, wise state management, light resourcing fetch, and highly reusable components with React.js

Engineer/part-time •  Freelancer   > DEC 2013 - Present

Build the web, the app, and the desktop application on a piecework basis.

Developing the React/Vue.js framework for the MVVM frontend projects and creating a component which could be reused.

Design the mechanism of pure javascript on the website to establish a controllable system/website which may be existing a variety of situations and changes.

Frontend Engineer  •  U-Sync

APR 2018 - JUN 2018


Cooperate with UX/UI designer and backend engineers
Build a music player website and shopping cart website with Vue.js.

Frontend Engineer  •  Lingtelli

FEB 2016 - JUN 2016


The main goal of this company is sematic analysis. I am helping with the interface design and building here.


Master's Degree in Computer Science

National Taipei University Technology  

Computer Science (SEP/2012 - OCT/2014 )

I study the road network and data broadcast system.

My thesis was shown an algorithm that finds the shortest path through the Voronoi-diagram in the broadcast environment.

The experiment results were examined using test data which were formatted and were unique from raw data(exists repeat and overlap).

The Voronoi-diagram was generated by Matlab and a custom algorithm that would compute the bounds and edges.



Bachelor Degree in Computer Science 

 National Taichung University of Science and Technology  

Computer Science (SEP/2008 - JUN/2012 )

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