Po-Jui Lee

  Taipei, Taiwan


A Data Science enthusiast with a world-leading business background. Specialized in the field of machine learning, data analysis, and visualization with great self-study ability.

Obtained an MSc degree in International Business at Warwick Business School and won the Business Operation Prize, holding a Bachelor's degree in accounting from National Chung Hsing University.

Actively seeking opportunities to be Market Analyst, Business Analyst, Data Analyst.


Data Science

  • MySQL (Gold Badge-HackerRank)
  • Python - numpy, pandas  ,seaborn ,  matplotlib, pandas_datareader
  • Power BI
  • Alteryx 

Machine Learning

  • Regression (Simple, Logic, Polynomial)
  • Ensemble (RandomForest)
  • Deep Learning (ANN, CNN)


  • Chinese
  • English
  • German
  • Japanese


Warwick Business School(WBS)

Master of Science in

International Business

2018 – 2019

National Chung Hsing University

Bachelor's Degree in 


2013 - 2017


Business in Practice Simulation, Operations Director, 2019,  — in WBS Automobile Company Simulation, led overall operations strategies, cooperated with other departments and won the Operations Prize among 56 groups. Teamwork was the key factor to achieving success. Through nice communication and collaboration with other colleagues, our team won the precious prize.

Projects Details

AI for an Eye   

In this project, we propose a CNN-based model to help pedestrian crossing intersections. The model consisted of traffic light detection and recognition, street width assessment, and obstacles evaluation. We also collected images and constructed a labeled database to train and test our model. By recognizing pedestrian traffic lights, estimating an appropriate time to cross, and detecting dangerous objects on the walking path, users could know whether a crossing is safe to walk.

PTT Web Crawler

Crawled contents on PTT C_Chat Board, which contained users votes for favorite animates of the 2019. Conducted html parsing, data crawling, cleansing, collecting and visualizing to present the result. During the process of data processing, there was a special need to decode the self-protected email format, which was an obstacle due to unique "push" content. The data visualization was performed by Power BI.

The Trade War Effects  

Analysis on how and what the US-China trade war would affect multinational businesses. The most severe and clear result was the swift transformation of production lines. Factories in China will evacuate and move to the nearby Southeast Asian countries, e.g. Vietnam, Cambodia, etc. Besides, some industries such as the high-tech industry in Taiwan will also receive benefits because of the Trade War.




Oct 2019 -Jun 2021
Taipei, Taiwan

• Drafted automatic data preprocessing workflow by Alteryx reduced more than 90% of working hours on routine work.
• Visualized and analyzed raw data by Power BI, showing results with more intuitive and readable charts.
• Collaborated with managers and worked on a project to reduce the routine work and made efforts for colleagues.



Sep 2017 - Aug 2018
Taipei, Taiwan

• Audited financial statements for international business and managed audit reports’ and financial statements’ frameworks.
• Analysed and verified clients’ internal controls are implemented with companies’ strategy.
• Built strong client relationships by solving at least 75% of clients’ concerns within a fieldwork period.
• Received supervisor’s performance feedback in 3 separate cases as a higher performer.
• Reduced 70% of working hours compared with previous auditors in the specific account.
• Balanced supporting language job and routine audit job within a week's fieldwork in Germany and established a basic Chinese-German language workpaper to decrease working hours in translation for next year's auditor.



Jul 2016 - Aug 2016
Taipei, Taiwan

• Led the revision of workpapers for two companies to ensure quality.
• Understood accounting industry and auditors’ responsibilities by participating in fieldwork with auditors.
• Generated reports of journal entries, including expenses and revenues  from SAP system, to create workpapers.
• Developed teamwork skills through co-operation with management and distinct audit teams.
• Directly received an official full-time job offer after finishing my summer internship.

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