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12_員工人格類型檢核測驗_PT12_Employee personality type check test_PT

By Eber 陳毅軒, February 10, 2020

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2019 年 2 月 - 2019 年 10 月 專案說明開發客製人格測驗平台,提供HR/ 受測者個人,了解受測者在不同多種模式的職業與興趣類別;藉由問卷測驗,客製多種計分方式,其中配分公式,是參考美國心理學教授Holland 職業與興趣理論,以及公司額外設計的客製公式。 - 協助後端開發 主軸工作 -> 問卷/ 測驗結果/ 分數計算公式之可行性評估與開發 -> 規劃不同人員權限之瀏覽 -> 受測者自行填入個人資料/ 系統自動帶出受測者資料兩種模式 系統功能規範 -> 資料庫/ 問卷資料/ 分數計算公式設定/ 屬於類型之特殊條件設定 開發工具 -> HTML/ PHP/ MySQL PT 功能介紹/ 使用手冊- https://tinyurl.com/eber-pt
From February 2019 to October 2019, the project explained the development of a customized personality test platform that provides HR / testee individuals and understands the testees' occupations and interest categories in different modes. Through questionnaire tests, various scores can be customized. The method, in which the division formula, refers to Holland ’s occupational and interest theory, a professor of psychology, and a custom formula designed by the company. -Assist the back-end development spindle -> Feasibility assessment and development of questionnaire / test result / score calculation formula -> Plan the browsing of different personnel permissions -> The testee fills in the personal data by himself / The system automatically brings out the testee's data in two modes System function specifications -> Database / Questionnaire data / Score calculation formula setting / Special condition setting development tools belonging to type -> HTML / PHP / MySQL PT Function Introduction / User Manual-https://tinyurl.com/eber-pt

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