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13_免費一頁式網頁_Baipos13_ Free One-Page Website_Baipos

By Eber 陳毅軒, February 10, 2020

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http://www.baipos.com.tw/website 2018 年 7 月 - 2019 年 10 月 專案說明提供免費線上網站建置服務,網頁架構包含- 頁首/ 商店介紹/ 商品內容/ 菜單照或是促銷資訊/ 頁尾,並推出五種風格樣板,組合變化共有36 種,線上會員使用量已達138 位。 協助前/ 後端開發 -> 不含頁面設計 主軸工作 -> 設計網頁架構/ 導入新樣板/ 新增架構之可行性評估與開發 -> 協助免費POS 平台 (Posky 普市集) 會員與店家資料導入 系統功能規範 -> 資料庫/ 商店網站資料/ 訪客權限/ 會員級別/ 註冊來源 開發工具 -> HTML/ JS/ Bootstrap/ PHP/ MySQL Baipos 功能說明/ 操作教學- https://tinyurl.com/eber-Baipos 成品範例- https://tinyurl.com/eber-baiposWeb
http://www.baipos.com.tw/website July 2018-October 2019 The project description provides a free online website construction service. The webpage structure includes-top page / store introduction / product content / menu photo or promotion information / footer, and five style templates and combinations are introduced. There are 36 types of changes, and the number of online members has reached 138. Assist front / back-end development -> Does not include page design spindle work -> Feasibility assessment and development of designing webpage architecture / introducing new templates / adding architecture -> Assist the free POS platform (Posky general market) Member and store data import system function specification -> Library / Store website information / Visitor permissions / Membership level / Registration source development tools -> HTML / JS / Bootstrap / PHP / MySQL Baipos function description / operation instruction-https://tinyurl.com/eber-Baipos Finished product example-https://tinyurl.com/eber-baiposWeb

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