2017 TPE-886 | 共同導演

https://youtu.be/YeRY9fJGZYk Brief Synopsis In Taiwan, scooters are easily seen on the road as the primary form of transportation. It has been a real symbol of the local culture and customs. When riding, scooters are synchronized with the riders as an extension of human body, which brings vivid sensations of speed, space and flowing scenery. The moment we squeezed between cars and buses or facing the horns of a dilemma are memorized physically and mentally. All of the experiences accumulate indescribable feelings which not only in body sensing but our inner consciousness may reflect our social status in the world. 在台灣,機車作為尋常使用的交通工具。形塑了我們生活面貌中不可或缺的部分。 作為騎乘者時,身體與車體共享著速度上空間上甚至情境上的感受與變換,那些被夾擠或進退維谷的時刻,最終彷彿都收攏為委屈感一詞,而委屈的不只是身體感知,也是我們在社會裡在世界版圖下的內在意識。 A Film By: CHING-JU, CHANG 張靜如 JIA-JING, WU 吳佳靜 LIAM CHENG 鄭立曜 YAN-DUN, WANG 王彥敦 YI-CHI, LEE 李奕騏 YUN-ER, CHANG 張芸爾 Cinematographer: HAO-JAN, CHANG 張皓然 Assistant Cameraman: YU-JEN, CHEN 陳毓仁 Editor: SIGO TSENG 曾煥炘 Performers: CHI NING 甯琪 CHIA-LIN, CHUNG 莊嘉伶 CIOU-YE, CHEN 陳秋燁 TING-CHUN, CHEN 陳亭君 YA-CHUN, YANG 楊雅鈞 YAN-DUN, WANG 王彥敦 YI-CHI, LEE 李奕騏 Music: 無調のメヌエット Menuett Atonal Composer: SYUWA NAGAI 永井秀和 (Strange Composer) Covered By: PIN-YI, KUO 郭品懿 Special Thanks To: 中華電信 大龍峒服務中心
Jing WU
Published: August 23, 2018
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