Mason Huang

應用資料探勘技術-預測具過度門診行為之糖尿病病患Applied Data Exploration Technology - Predicting Diabetic Patients with Excessive Outpatient Behavior

By Mason Huang, May 15, 2019

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1.運用SAS軟體處理健保局資料庫100萬人抽樣檔 2.以資料清理、模型建置、模型評估等資料探勘流程進行。 3.運用決策樹、羅吉斯回歸、類神經網路三種演算法分析。 完整簡報檔:
1. Use SAS software to process 1 million sample files of the Health Insurance Bureau database 2. Conducting data exploration processes such as data cleansing, model building, and model evaluation. 3. Using decision tree, Logis regression, and neural network to analyze the three algorithms. Complete briefing file:

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