AdAsia 2015 Taipei亞洲廣告會議 AppAdAsia 2015 Taipei Asia Advertising Conference App

By Brian, June 21, 2018

AdAsia 2015 Taipei亞洲廣告會議 App
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2015亞洲廣告會議(AdAsia 2015 Taipei)以「Clouidea雲創台北」為主軸,規劃、設計、開發專屬會議App。從與會者的特性、行為模式、數位載具使用習慣出發,提供如同隨身秘書般的貼心服務,將會議活動、議程、會員資料、觀光資訊全部串連在一起。會議前、中、後在任何時間、地點,都能即時提供實用服務與互動體驗!
The 2015 Asia Advertising Conference (AdAsia 2015 Taipei) uses "Clouidea Cloud Creations Taipei" as its main axis to plan, design and develop exclusive conference applications. Starting from the characteristics of participants, behavior patterns, and usage habits of digital vehicles, we provide intimate services like a personal secretary, and link all meeting activities, agendas, membership information, and sightseeing information together. Real-time service and interactive experience can be provided at any time and place before, during and after the conference!

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