ANSYS Structural Analysis Crank and Gearbox Casing

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ANSYS Structural Analysis Crank and Gearbox Casing

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This is a ANSYS course(Academic) by Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan, to analyse the simulating static state of the crank and gearbox casing inside engine. Crank: The crank material is stainless steel and the bolt is structural steel.In the case of safety factor is 1, what is the maximum force of the bearing and crankshaft? and what is maximum total deformation? Sol: Setting the contact surface between bolt and connecting rod to 'No Separation', and the crank end and connecting rod is 'Bonded'. The force analysis of the bearing of piston pin sets as 'Fixed Support'(Because of there is no pin as the force point, so it is changed to the fixed support mode).The crankshaft bearing is set to 'Bearing Load'. After using the optimised analysis, the crankshaft bearing can reach a maximum of 5000N and maximum total deformation is 0.3mm and equivalent stress is 110MPa in static. The safety factor is controlled to 1.87 which is a safe range. Crank analysis result: Gearbox Casing: The material is structural steel and the casing is bolted to other parts. How much pressure does the gearbox inside? What is the maximum of total deformation? What is the natural frequency in vibration mode under prestressed? Sol: Setting a grid of 10mm size for meshing and through the optimisation analysis, the gearbox inside can withstand a maximum pressure of 0.5MPa and total deformation is 0.53mm under static and equivalent stress is 250MPa. In the prestressed state, set the 6 vibration modes of the gearbox(524.34Hz、738.65Hz、813.87Hz、977.53Hz、1099.7Hz、1184.5Hz).Beacuse of the gearbox has to withstand the gear meshing frequency and oil pressure of different gear positions. It is used to observe the resonance problem by the vibration and can be used as a reference for structural design in weight reduction or reinforcement. However, the safety factor of it is 0.99.Although it is at the critical point of the safe range, there is stress concentration in some places from different frequencies of mode and has to change on design to improve safety factor. Gearbox Casing mode analysis result: ANSYS Certificate:

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