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銘傳大學 畢業展覽『CO2』logo及主視覺設計Ming Chuan University graduation exhibition "CO2" logo and main visual design

By Tiffany Lin, May 14, 2018

銘傳大學 畢業展覽『CO2』logo及主視覺設計
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CO2此名稱發想源於『傳播(Communication)』和『空氣(二氧化碳)』結合之意,傳播人不僅替公眾傳聲,更是社會中不可或缺的養分的來源,就像空氣之於人類的必要性。 利用化學鏈的概念和汽泡的圖樣構成CO2 logo,意味『傳播』即大口呼吸、大口吐氣,我們發出訊息同時也接收聲音,在琳琅滿目串流的資訊中我們即化身成為空氣一般,存在世界各個角落。 完整作品集:
The name of CO2 originates from the combination of "Communication" and "Air (CO2)". Not only does the communicator speak for the public, but it is also an indispensable source of nutrients in society, just as air is to humans. The necessity. The use of the concept of chemical chain and the pattern of bubbles constitutes a CO2 logo. This means that "spreading" means breathing and vomiting. We send messages and receive sounds too. In a dazzling stream of information, we are transformed into air and exist in various parts of the world. corner. Complete portfolio:

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