Wenchin Chuang

Coding Fight Club

By Wenchin Chuang, March 26, 2020

Coding Fight Club
A platform that helps engineers sharpen their coding skills via live competitions on algorithms https://coding-fight-club.thewenchin.com/ https://github.com/wenchin77/coding-fight-club - Set up a web server on AWS EC2 using Nginx as proxy and PM2 as process manager - Utilized well-managed Node.js child processes to generate mock terminal results with the prevention of server errors including infinite loops and out-of-memory errors - Enabled live competition with Socket.IO that listened to and emitted various events - Established in-memory caching mechanism to track the status of users and matches - Constructed a rating system to test the correctness and performance of users’ submitted code by normal and extreme test cases - Detected available online users and implemented random match mode - Built RESTful APIs for match result, leaderboard and user profile - Designed database schema on MySQL with foreign keys and indexes Integrated GitHub Login and Google Login to better suit engineers’ need

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