Flourish 雜誌設計 In The Garden: Reality & Metaphor this project, I want to make a magazine contain these two elements ( Reality and Metaphor ); Thus I named the magazine Flourish, hoping this magazine could rich several topics about garden, furthermore could nourish reader’s mind, let the garden in their minds could be flourish. The masthead using stencil typeface and switch the vertical square of F to a gentle leaf, the dark blue means the articles (reality) that magazine wants to bring to readers, the gentle green leaf curving like still growing, hoping can bring some inspirations in deep to reader’s mind. The article of issue No.1 is Vertical Forest. Is a concept of living with plants. People live away from nature while times passing. Bring plants into modern life, combining organic and inorganic to increase the quality of life. This topic is developing and keep improving, to make future a better life, to suit with the magazine to look forward to future. The image only left green things can been seen shows plants are vivid and want to express the energy to readers.
Published: February 11, 2020
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