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Getting Over Relationship Anxiety

By TJ Bartel, January 08, 2020

Getting Over Relationship Anxiety
Starting a new relationship can be both exhilarating and scary. In fact, the newness of a relationship can, quite normally, incite anxiety for some people, which is manageable if only rooted in fear. This is often referred to as relationship anxiety. The good news is that you can work to resolve this kind of anxiety. Relationship anxiety is a feeling of unease, worry, and insecurity during the time spent in a relationship, whether old or new. It’s okay to be anxious when jumping into a new relationship. However, it’s not as healthy to be anxious simply based on a fear of the unknown. Carrying emotional baggage from unsuccessful past relationships or even childhood trauma can very easily translate to anxiety with one’s current partner. There are ways to decipher the origins of this anxiety and figure out whether it’ll pose cause a rift in the partnership. Relationship anxiety can stifle the development of deep connection if a person is afraid to open up or give love a chance. Nonetheless, it is possible to get over this anxiety by being mindful of why one feels anxious in the first place. If you suffer from even a small amount of anxiety when starting a new relationship, consider these tips: Don’t Ignore Red Flags A partner may be feeling anxious due to their intuition telling them that that person they are with is not meant for them. Perhaps there were red flags which you may consider intentionally ignoring in hopes of the actual issues resolving themselves. This worry still lingers subconsciously, only increasing that deep rooted anxiety. People are usually anxious due to uncertainty and fear of the unknown. Thus, some are driven to hide from potential heartbreak in light of the truth. A person’s anxiety may be triggered if there is a lack of trust or mutual give-and-take in the relationship. Drop the Baggage Anxiety can also come from unresolved trauma and past heartbreaks. Although it isn’t a new partner’s fault, some people subconsciously hold onto this feeling of doubt due to their past experiences. This is never fair to one’s partner and doesn’t give the relationship a chance when one person is expecting the other to let them down. When necessary, it’s important to receive counseling regarding these psychological issues to untie past hurt and be able to receive love with less resistance.

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