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Importance of Wearing a Motorcycle Helmet

By Graham Zahoruiko, June 27, 2019

Importance of Wearing a Motorcycle Helmet
It is vitally important to wear a motorcycle helmet at all times when you ride. Motorcycles do not have the same protection that other vehicles have to offer around the individual. Regular vehicles have an amount of protection to the driver because of the hard framework around them that gives some space from the individual and the direct damage. Motorcycles have no framework around the individual at all. Less Protective Than Cars Regular vehicles usually offer airbags in the front of the vehicle giving the occupant cushion to lessen the severity upon the impact of an accident. Motorcycles do not have the protection of an airbag. In the event of an accident the driver could potentially be hit directly by another vehicle, fly off or fall into the road or an object at a great speed and be severely injured, possibly causing their death. Importance of Protecting One’s Head Having a helmet offers a shield around the motorist’s head. Many Motorcycle accidents end up being fatal due to the fact of a head injury, by 70%. You can see that the head is the most important part of the body to protect. Even if a driver wasn’t going very fast and still ended up in an accident without a helmet, they could still end up with brain injuries that would affect their personal lives, negatively, forever. Greater Chances of an Accident Motorcycles are smaller than regular vehicles and therefore end up in the blind spots of other drivers of regular vehicles more easily. The chances of getting into an accident in a motorcycle are greater than driving other vehicles from the facts that have been stated, making the importance of helmet wearing that much more crucial. No one can determine what the future holds and is not guaranteed tomorrow. No one ever plans to end up in an accident but the best way to lessen the possibility of being involved in a fatal accident is to always wear a helmet before going on that ride. It may seem like such a small accessory to wear, but wearing a helmet when riding could mean a life saved! There should never be any hesitation on wearing one. It is just too big of a chance to take! Please remind your fellow riders if they aren’t wearing one and remember to wear it, and to never forget it. This article was originally published on

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