J.A.S Civic Type-R FK8 TCR

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J.A.S Civic Type-R FK8 TCR

Johor, Malaysia
D2 Racing who is a rim and shock absorber manufacturer in Taiwan had bought two Civic Type-R FK8 TCR. The chassis are used in many ball joint(such as control arm, stabilizer link,rear camber kit) limiting unnecessary movements to improve feedback and reaction.It has also reinforcing bar and spot welding to enhance strength. In order to improve turbo reaction and heat dissipation efficiency, shorten the intake pipe by moving up and tilting the intercooler, taking the heat of intercooler away to outside through bonnet hole to minimize power loss. In addition, the standard racing wide body of aero kit and chassis flattening perfectly can make highest stability at high speed which is an approachable standard factory car to WTCR. D2 Racing Team used it to race at PenBay International Circuit(Taiwan) to get the hotlap of 1:45 which won the annual championship of 2018 TSF Taiwan Speed Festival. Full version of article about the details of Civic Type-R FK8 TCR(1) and D2 Racing Team won the annual championship of 2018 TSF Taiwan Speed Festival interviewed(2), which is attracted 100,000 hits on Option FB fanpage(Chinese ver. only): 1)https://carnews.com/article/info/19acf7ab-9540-11e8-9b16-42010af00004/ 2)https://carnews.com/article/info/df5d800e-f5f5-11e8-b3f3-42010af00004/

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Published: Mar 18th 2019

Civic Type-R