Most Closely to Racing Style—MarlboroMR2

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Most Closely to Racing Style—MarlboroMR2

Johor, Malaysia
This is a works by a Malaysian car owner. He referred TRD 2000GT wide body version from Toyota MR2 and Rocket Bunny version of Nissan 180SX plus the Marlboro racing body paint of his favourite and built his own Marlboro MR2. Speedhunters(Japan Modified Media) praised for being able to change into a racing look appearance and awarded him the 'Special Pick'. The engine is used by HKS 2.2 litre stroker kit and custom made forged piston(87mm x 87mm)to strengthen, also using Greddy T518Z(setting 1.6 bar) and progressive amplification exhaust pipe(middle part 50.8mm + tail part 101.6mm) to enhance the power(320whp).In order to solve easily broken intercooler with OEM part, the bigger interooler move into boot(trunk) with spray water to intercooler, also using like F1 air ducting hose on bonnet to improve heat efficiency. Since MR2 is mid-engine rear drive + short wheelbase, it is easier to oversteer. He installed a large GT wing to increase under pressure at high speed and more tire grip through strengthening chassis.In conclusion, it is combination of resolve mechanical problems and self-style of imitation racing of street car, which is attracted 100,00 hits on Option FB fanpage(Chinese ver. only):

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Published: Mar 17th 2019