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In principle, you must of course first register with all bookmakers in order to be able to receive free sports bets. You can then activate your free bet - this is usually done via email. Sometimes it also runs automatically Kaboom Slots Casino and you get the free bet directly.

With existing betting credit, you can now submit your betting tips on any sporting event you want. However, bookmakers usually tie free sports bets to certain conditions. So it may well happen that you have to convert the value of the free bet several times before the payout becomes possible.

For example, if you bet €20 on your team at odds of 2.50 as a new customer and win, your user account will show a credit balance of €30. You will only be credited with the net profit, i.e. your profit minus your €20 bet.

This is often the case, so you end up with only that amount available for further bets. This amount can often be paid out immediately, but as a general rule, you must use it at least once more in order to be able to pay out for a free bet.

Don't confuse: a new customer bonus is not a free bet

Classic bonus bets for new customers are often mistakenly equated with free sports betting. But this is wrong! New customers receive a welcome b onus as a reward for registration or initial deposit.

Free bets for your registration are more of an exception, but such free bets are available at some bookmakers. These include, for example, providers Unibet, Tipbet and Betano. Often a free bet is used to either thank loyal customers for being active, or to encourage inactive customers to become more active again.

The highlight of a free bet is that your bet balance never increases. However, instead, you have the option to place your desired bet without reducing your betting balance.

Thus, it is only indirectly a free starting balance for sports betting. Experience shows that in the case of a free bet without a deposit, you as a player receive only net profit in the form of credit. Of course, you won't get your bet back because it was paid by the bookmaker.

What is the difference between freebet and freebet no deposit?

The difference is easily explained. The world of free sports betting basically shares the main question: “With or without a deposit?”. Because while some bookmakers pay out free bets upfront, others insist on an initial deposit.

Which one is better is really a matter of taste. Because Freebet post-deposit bonuses sometimes have better conditions than Freebet no-deposit bonuses.

To shed some light on the jungle of free bets, we have summarized the important types of offers here:

Free bets no deposit

Here the fun begins immediately and without objection. Just sign up, claim your free betting credit and start betting. Yes, sometimes it's so easy to get real money!

Classic free bets

Usually come as a bonus. They are intended to reward the player. For example, there are free bets for depositing or crediting after a real money bet.

Check Freebet

This special free bet rewards the customer for their efforts after a successful account verification. Anyone who emails a copy of their ID, for example, can count on it.

Free rates for existing customers

Rare, but not impossible. Admittedly, many providers tend to court new customers. But existing customers are also courted.

💡 Conclusion💡

Not all free bets are truly free. Sometimes free bets are only available after a deposit has been made or as a loyalty gift for existing customers. With or without a deposit, free bets increase the risk capital available for betting.

And of course we want to help, which is why we've compiled all the important information about free bets below.

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Published: Jul 31st 2022