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Jungting Liu

By Jungting Liu研發工程師

PHP 留言板實戰
► 這是利用 PHP 串接 MySQL 實作的留言板,並部署在自行架設的 AWS EC2 遠端主機。 ► 利用 Session 實作登入機制,密碼經過 password_hash 儲存,並使用 escape 防止 SQL Injection 或 XSS 等資安攻擊。 ► 具備新增、編輯、刪除本人留言的功能,可編輯個人暱稱等功能。 ► 網站 DEMO:
► This is a message board implemented by using PHP to connect to MySQL and deploy it on a self-built AWS EC2 remote host. ► Use Session to implement the login mechanism, the password is stored in password_hash, and escape is used to prevent information security attacks such as SQL Injection or XSS. ► It has the functions of adding, editing, and deleting personal messages, as well as editing personal nicknames. ► Website DEMO:

January 13, 2021

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