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Nanotechnology facilitates in enhancing the properties like durability and less physical mass. This technology is used to create new and innovative products or even modify them so that they can be more reliable and functional with lesser mass. There are alot of products nowadays are being produced or getting modified using Nanotechnology, some of them are: Modification in Bullet proof jackets: These jackets has been life saviour from so many years but still it had some drawbacks like they can save the vital organ from bullet to be penetrated through but still, these jackets are not that effective as they are not capable of absorbing shock of the bullet, so with the addition of Nanotechnology, engineers have introduced nanoscale carbon tubes into bullet proof jackets and these tubes will boost the ability of these jackets and prevent the user from the shocks of bullet. Modification in Solar Panels: Solar Panels consist of Photovoltaic solar cells, these cells are made up using layers of expensive crystalline silicon that are treated using caustic chemicals. Researchers have introduced Gratzel Cell, which has a layer of material coated with porous titanium dioxide nanoparticles as its surface material instead of silicon. It is less expensive to produce and allows cells to collect the sun’s rays across a wider surface area Packaging of Food Products: To make food products more perishable, Nanoscientist are researching bottle packed products and have introduced Flaky clay nanoparticles which will enhance the life of products and it will last longer than before. If you find this interesting and want to know more about Nanotechnology then follow <a href="">Stuart Burchill</a>(CEO/CTO at Syneffex Inc.), he have sucessfully invented alot of products using Nanotechnology.
Published: January 27, 2021
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