Chao-chin Yang

RWD網頁切版作品-LouiseFlowerRWD webpage cutting work-LouiseFlower

By Chao-chin Yang, May 18, 2020

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作品網址: 網頁目的: 以花藝課程網頁為主題,來練習RWD響應式網頁切版技巧。 語言及工具: HTML5/CSS3、Javascript、Bootstrap4、Photoshop、illustrator、Github 內容說明: 跳脫以往的賣花網站,主題改為花藝課程為主軸賣點。在這自我學習意識抬頭的社會,買花不如自己做花的觀念為導入重點,輔以簡單乾淨的色調,最後強調師資陣容提升整體專業度,吸引顧客報名課程。
Work URL: Web Purpose: Practicing RWD responsive web page cutting techniques with the theme of floral art web pages. Languages and tools: HTML5 / CSS3, Javascript, Bootstrap4, Photoshop, illustrator, Github Description of content: Jumping away from the previous flower-selling websites, the theme was changed to floral courses as the main selling point. In this society where self-learning awareness is on the rise, the idea of buying flowers is not as good as making flowers by yourself, supplemented by simple and clean tones, and finally emphasizes the teacher lineup to improve the overall professionalism and attract customers to register for courses.

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