SFV Flower Design 學生專用打卡請假 APPSFV Flower Design Student Check-in and Leave APP

SFV Flower Design 學生專用打卡請假  APP
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SFV Flower Design 用植物開啟質感生活吧! 在水泥叢林壓迫的忙碌生活中,空閒時你會如何放鬆? 不論是乾燥花、永生花、新鮮花朵,嘗試與花草植物相處,在花藝教室體驗擁抱花草植物,享受手作過程的純淨美好。 SFV Flower Design,學員專用手機 APP:『SFV 花藝日記』養育屬於自己的花寶寶,讓花寶寶陪您紀錄成長的一點一滴。APP 臨時請假超方便,SFV 活動隨時更新!課程安排一目了然,花草植物知識分享的文章預覽。 花在植物上的時間,最後都會滋養自己,讓生活一起百花盛放! 更詳細請至: https://www.behance.net/gallery/101616035/SFV-SFV-Flower-Design-APP
SFV Flower Design Let's start a life with texture with plants! In the busy life under the pressure of the concrete jungle, how do you relax in your free time? Whether it is dried flowers, immortal flowers, or fresh flowers, try to get along with flowers and plants, experience embracing flowers and plants in the flower art classroom, and enjoy the pure beauty of the hand-made process. SFV Flower Design, the student’s dedicated mobile app: "SFV Flower Diary" raises your own flower baby, let the flower baby accompany you to record every bit of growth. APP is super convenient for temporary leave, and SFV activities are updated at any time! The course schedule is clear at a glance, and the article preview of the knowledge sharing of flowers, plants and plants. The time spent on plants will nourish oneself in the end, and let life flourish together! For more details, please visit: https://www.behance.net/gallery/101616035/SFV-SFV-Flower-Design-APP

August 03, 2020

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