Teaching Materials - Winland Academy (Sower)

ByRyan Tang
Senior Graphic Designer
Find more images here: https://ryanmctang.com/course-graphics.html Winland Academy is an online K-12 education provider in UK and China, I worked in-house in London with British teachers to create these illustrated teaching materials for them to use. Being K-12 means being easily distracted, therefore the teachers love to have materials that are able to attract and retain children's attention. Owing to the same reason, I tried not to reuse elements and always create something new. The creative drain for constantly creating these different materials is real, however, plus the time needed to produce a whole new set of illustration for every lesson is insurmountable, so I reuse the theme on the cover page art for the content pages, for example on the content pages the trees in the covers below will be pushed to the sides to make room for content. This way I can greatly shorten production time while keeping the lesson lively.
Ryan Tang
Published: March 31, 2020
curriculum design
English Teaching
Online teaching
Art Direction
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