The Function of Link, Struct Bar and Anti-Roll Bar

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The Function of Link, Struct Bar and Anti-Roll Bar

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For example, the link is fixed to the frame and tires bridge,and to pass through the shock absorbing surface of the swing angle so that the positioning of the tires can be controlled within a limited range, but also to play a better shock effect. In addition, it is also mentions different materials and structural reinforcement link designed to achieve weight reduction and high handling. The link article(Chinese ver.only): 1) 2) Stuct bar is to improve the rigidity of the body and chassis to reduce distortion especially strong-powered vehicles require more robust rigid to withstand the load distributed from road and feedback to suspension partially. Normally mounting on shock absorber in the engine room and front/rear bottom. When subjected to a violent car crash side, it will warp from the bends to buff the force and to avoid excessive structural impairment and affect the safety of the driver. Struct bar article(Chinese ver.only): Anti-roll bar is designed to suppress the roll and using spring steel material to withstand the heavy loads of the front and rear suspension with high elasticity itself dispersed one side suspension overload to the other side and can go straight after the restitution. But it doesn't mean that aluminum alloy isn't suitable for making anti-roll bar. A vendor uses 6061 aluminum alloy to create anti-roll bar but coarser diameter must have the same strength than steel anti-roll bar. Anti-roll bar article(Chinese ver.only): Option Magazine interviewed link(Chinese ver.only):

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Publicado: mar 16º 2019

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