THE RAVEN - project management system

Chun Yen Fei

By Chun Yen FeiFront-End Trainee

THE RAVEN - project management system
A production project management system. From small project to blockbuster,THE RAVEN let user can easily manage projects every where and when. Link : ID: [email protected] Password: demouser • Applied React/React Router/React Hooks for SPA, let user can switch page without page reload, for increaing user exerience • Used Redux for global state management, which decreased query times also make website easier for future maintenance and extending features • Used Redux-Thunk for solving complex asynchronous data gathering and updateing • Used Firebase Authentication for third party and native login/sign up • Used Firebase Storage for progress images upload • Used Promise to reassembled data from different Firestore collections and render without asynchronous issues which achieved no delay project contents display,update and remove. • Used Firestore querysnapshot operator through entire platform to achieve project informations synchronization, which let project members can on the same page with managereasily • Used react-beautiful-dnd to let users can easliy rearrange tasks • Used Chart.js API for performing project progress, let manager can easily monitoring projects current status • Used regular expression to extract YouTube link id and embed with iframe, let team members or manager can easily attach references for tasks • Supported RWD for mobile devices creating excellent user experience
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