Tips for Building a Meaningful Network

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Tips for Building a Meaningful Network

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Patrick Dwyer Merrill Lynch | Tips for Building a Meaningful Network

Building a meaningful network is going to be an essential part of your business success. Some people struggle with networking and aren’t sure how to go about things. Take a look at the following tips for building a meaningful network. The information should help you to walk the right path and find greater success. 



Networking is going to be easier when it’s happening organically. This means that you can network in natural ways to meet people and build genuine relationships. You aren’t contriving meetings or trying to come up with excuses to make a few contacts. Build real relationships with people and help each other out to have the meaningful network connection you’re looking for. 



Cold calls and emails can be more valuable than you might assume. You can email or call people to get advice or information, and a relationship might form due to your reaching out. People can be surprisingly warm and helpful when you give them a chance. Your call or email could blossom into a mutually beneficial relationship, and you should always approach these situations with an open mind. 

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Patrick Dwyer offers some tips on building your professional network

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Published: Nov 8th 2021

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