Tips for Removing Artist Stains from Fabric

Paintings and charcoal drawings can be beautiful additions to a home or office, but it’s less attractive when stray stains can be spotted all over your home and wardrobe. Some artists get overly confident in their ability to keep their paint and charcoal on the canvas. This is when they start to be more relaxed in what they wear while they paint and how they protect their art station from stains. Accidents happen, but the easiest way to prevent stains in the first place is by wearing old clothes and keeping all art material over a tarp. Wet paintings and open supplies should be kept in a central location to avoid staining other materials during transport. When your art supplies never comes into contact with clothes or other fabrics that shouldn’t be stained, you have nothing to worry about. However, knowing how to clean any unexpected messes can save your fabrics from irreversible damage. Please see my art website at for a few tricks for when your charcoal and paint needs to be removed from fabric.
Published: April 05, 2019
Deborah Y Strauss DVM
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